Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Let's Go, 2011

In the first couple hours of New Year's Day, I wrote something for the blog and my computer crashed. A pitiful night to be blogging for sure. But this year, I welcomed the new year with my two little girls and they weren't long termers.

The kids made it to shortly after midnight, and after they were fast asleep, I felt like writing. So, I wrote about our evening: the movies and coloring; Sorry, a game I was sorry I played after much bickering; and our walk in the hour before midnight. It seemed like we were the only people on the streets beside the police jetting about in pursuit of illegal fireworks going off all over town.

Violet cried because she didn't want the "powice to fight the firewooks guys." Daisy accused her of not even caring about the law. And once again, the sisters started to fight. But mostly, we were entertained by the whole scene. We spent our New Year's countdown in an empty parking lot across the street from the apartment, watching for fireworks. Looking at a night sky always transforms my mood, which was a little shaky at the time. And when it turned to midnight, we could hear the hum of faraway raging that sounded like coyotes. In fact, I couldn't convince the kids it wasn't coyotes. In the first few minutes of this year, I was happy and relieved to call 2010 over. Then, a dad from the complex randomly brought his daughter out and lit a series of his own contraband in the street for our own up close and personal fireworks show.

After that stroke of luck, the kids fell apart and I put them to bed. I wrote an entry for the blog and my computer crashed, just before posting. I called Dell the next day and getting the thing fixed was going to take a week. A week? I have deadlines! I realized that because my Dell crashes twice a year, maybe I need a backup. Besides, the kids are always pestering me for computer time.

This is why I found myself at Best Buy on New Year's Day. I wasn't happy about it. I found a laptop that was about the same price as a netbook, then the sales guy talked me into jacking up the price for a couple questionable add-ons. I was kicking myself twenty minutes later, standing in line at the stupid Geek Squad counter, which must be exactly like hell. The line didn't move. My kids were bringing their whines to new heights of annoyance in tone and pitch. And I couldn't stop watching computer-illiterate baby boomers receive disorganized, condescending advice from kids in ties. I was in that line for 40 minutes and I will never make another purchase at that place - unless I need something again on a day that Costco is closed and Target is sold out of everything. THEN I might have to sneak in for a quick purchase.

But I'm not going near those Geek Squad punks again, I know that for sure. When I fi-nal-ly got to the front of the line, the customer service genius said, "So, how was your New Year's Eve?" I told him it was OK . . . how was yours? He said something like, "It was great. I was just glad I knew where I was when I woke up this morning. That's always good." And I was thinking . . . you knew exactly where you were . . . in your room at your parents' house after having a couple glasses of champagne with your mama. I stopped responding to him when he said, "Wow. Nice computer!" Um, I picked out the cheapest laptop that you had in stock . . . don't patronize me.

Anyway, it might sound like I'm a little moody, and maybe so. Got plenty to process. There is an occasional strong emotion, and I keep reminding myself to just be with it. . . don't push it away or distract. I very much believe in karma, and I see a lot of what I'm experiencing these days in those terms. I am reaping what I have sowed: good and bad. And aren't we all. I'm impatient to see what this year will bring.

I was feeling a certain heaviness this New Year's. And then I thought about last New Year's Eve . . . I spent it mostly alone, recovering from Swine Flu, while the rest of my family slept, sick as dogs. I was yearning to make some personal changes, including getting in better shape and addressing relationship issues. More than anything, I felt the need to deal. Well, this year . . . things have been dealt with. And when comparing this New Years to last, you could even say things are looking up.

Here's our New Year's Eve 2011 in pics. No fireworks or police were documented but you'll get the general flavor. By the way, I set my camera down somewhere silly a little while back, never to see it again. Making do with the camera phone.

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