Thursday, January 27, 2011


Sitting in my living room the other day, I was looking around and thinking about what this place needs, and I thought of something. I really want a standing coatrack. We always have a pile of accessories lying around: sweatshirts, umbrellas, dog leashes, you name it. I pictured where I would put my coatrack, which in my mind was gray with minimal lines. I was wrong.

When I left for work yesterday, I noticed my neighbors on the other side of the complex had a standing coatrack. It was outside their door, and I wondered if they actually keep their coatrack outside. You can see I was thinking a lot about coatracks.

When I returned and was grabbing my mail, the owner of the coatrack came out of his apartment to shout down, “Hey Neighbor! You want a coatrack?” I didn’t think I heard him correctly at first, REALLY? YOU’RE GIVING AWAY YOUR COATRACK?! He said, “Come and get it! I’m about to leave it by the dumpster.” Sweet.

I brought it back to the apartment and stuck it just where I pictured it standing, between the front door and TV . . . damn, that thing is big. That could totally take out my TV. It looked like a bouncer standing by the door, which I kind of liked. But, I spent some more time thinking about coatracks . . . and I found the perfect place. Check it.

And guess what? The top part rotates. How sweet is that. I think the universe may have totally been conspiring right there.

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