Thursday, December 9, 2010

Exactly Like the Giants Parade

Last Wednesday, I got an email from Daisy's brownie troop leaders reminding me to have her at the meeting spot for the holiday parade by a certain time and in a certain outfit. Parade?! I'll admit it wasn't the first parade announcement, but at the time, I was dumbfounded by the information. Mostly because last week was insanity. I would even call it a journey, and I don't even like that kind of corny talk but whatever.

Here's the story. I started the week frustrated after more discouraging apartment hunting. I was scheduled to start a new job on Monday. The new job was delayed a day, and I found an apartment! I discovered the job was in jeopardy. Oh no! I could still scrape by without the third job, but it would be so much better with it. Then, the job was back on. Hurray! I signed a 9-month lease and picked up the keys. We told the kids about the family reorganization, and they began to work through their emotional reactions. I bought a loft bed that goes over a futon and a leather queen sleeper sofa. The job fell through. I turned 40.

After looking at the parade reminder and stressing out for a sec, I decided it might be the perfect way to spend our Saturday morning. Anyway, I've been in the mood for a parade ever since I heard those Giants fans go on about theirs. It wasn't until I dropped Daisy off with her troop and found a spot along the route that I remembered the problem with parades. They can totally make me cry, especially marching bands. I don't know what it is, but whenever I hear one live, I feel like my best friend has just been killed doing something honorable and it's time to carry on bravely.

I was relieved there was only one marching band, and they went first.

There's Daisy with her spiffy parade walk.

As usual, Violet was genuinely happy for her sister getting so much attention.

This is when Violet admitted that maybe the parade didn't totally suck.

But then, a lot of it really did. Some people didn't seem to know why they were even in a parade.

And yeah, those last guys were actually in the parade and came over for a visit with our dog. That is one interactive parade, and there's no need to be throwing beers at each other, Burrell.

Enjoyed the cars. Here's a couple faves. Not really a car person though.

Here's what I liked.

Don't forget about the roller derby girls. I totally have a story related to the local roller derby. Saving it. 


  1. That's what I like to wear when I go skating too. Santa hats and no pants for the win.