Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wow, November

One of my faults is I tend to run a little late. I can manage this tendency when it comes to work but cut it close too often. Believe me, I know down to the minute how long it takes to drive to various work locations.

I run a couple minutes late to one tutoring job at least once a week. It drives me crazy because it's the work location closest to home, a mere 13 minutes away, yet it's the one with my worst promptness record. What gets me are the local meandering roads clogged by tourists with nothing but time on their hands. (Oh, how we love to blame the trannies. Don't they know that some of us have to work in this town?)

I came up with a shiny new routine. I will now leave at least 10 minutes ahead of my have-to departure time. And what will I do with all that time to kill once I get there? Read! I always have a stack of books and magazines in my to-read pile. I know, brilliant.

So today, instead of keeping one eye on the clock and focusing on getting around slow-moving tourists, I took a leisurely drive to work. I was struck by the warm, beautiful day. What month is this anyway? When I arrived 10 minutes ahead of schedule, I couldn't possibly sit inside the car and read when the ocean, only a half-block away, was sparkling so invitingly in the sun. I grabbed my camera; I had plenty of time.

I walked quickly to the water and breathed in the moist, salty air. It's been a while since I've seen the ocean. I didn't have a watch or even my cell, so I didn't stay long. On the way back, several Monarch butterflies fluttered by, and I had to have a picture. I followed the butterflies to the nearby preserve and took several pics - I didn't get anything great but actually captured a couple (last pic). Then, I realized I better get to work.

I was five minutes late. Dang! Next time, I'm sticking to the plan.


  1. damn trannies and their slow driving

  2. Yes, the trannies do get in the way sometimes.

    Yay, it's OJ!!!