Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Every October since kids, I stress about getting the Halloween decorations up.The kids can literally bug you out of your mind if you don't do it, and I usually insist on cleaning before organizing and directing the kids through the process.

Fortunately, when life gets serious, small things like holiday decorations become ridiculously easy. This weekend, maybe the second time the kids asked about Halloween decorations, I climbed up the ladder to the up-high garage storage to grab the boxes, accidentally dropping one that exploded in spiders and skeletons. The kids loved it.

I gave them complete creative control.

They mostly threw stuff on trees, and man, are they proud. If you look at their faces when they walk by their Halloween Tree, you'll see crazed looks of happiness.

I liked this picture so much that I took my camera with me on a walk tonight. I wanted to see more pretty lights. It really doesn't take much. I was shocked to find there weren't any decorations out yet. Did I not get the memo? In my never exaggerated perspective, I would estimate that in this neightborhood, houses with Halloween decorations usually outnumber houses with Christmas decorations 8 to 1. I walked around for an hour tonight and found only one house with Halloween lights, and it was nothing you'd want to see. I realized . . . we're early!

The kids wanted more after unpacking all the decorations. So Daisy became obsessed with a new vision. She wanted to make a Halloween diorama of The Nightmare Before Christmas. The girls have been on a big Tim Burton kick lately. Violet's current fave is Beetlejuice. If we don't have much time, she fast-forwards to the Day-o song and to when the ghosts are brought to life then get old before your eyes.

But Daisy's fave is Nightmare. As we were working on the diorama, Daisy pointed out a spider a couple feet away, except I didn't know what she was talking about because she said something like, "Look at that little cutie." Oh good god! What is that? The spider? Don't touch it! Don't move! Daisy convinced me to leave it alone until Halloween, even though it's living about six feet from where I sleep. It makes me itchy just thinking about it.

Here is the final piece in all its glory. Daisy dedicated it by announcing that we were "celebrating all of our hardwork and honesty." Might as well.

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