Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dog Halloween 2010

Last Saturday was DOG HALLOWEEN!!!! Love. Love. Love.

This year was extra special because it was the Halloween debut of Lena, my parents' puppy. It ended up being just my dad and I with two kids and two dogs. In the future, I would keep the adult to kid/dog ratio to greater than 1 to 2. Maybe it was the umbrellas necessitated by the rain or my insistence on taking pictures of anyone willing to stop, which was pretty much everyone, but it was a little management heavy.

Lena and Sadie went as squirrels. Sadie is an old pro; she practically slips on her own costume. Lena didn't know what to expect. But soon, it was all made clear: just tolerate the squirrel getup and you'll get more scooby snacks than you ever dreamed.

There is Dorothy and the Tin Man with their proud owners. Do you see that freaky Dog Halloween spirit? I'm telling you, it warms my heart.

And you don't even have to match your dog. Maybe you're feeling Pirate and he's feeling Clown. It's all good.

This costume was a game changer for me. Now, I see nothing but possibilities when I look at the baskets of barbies and action figures in the kids' rooms.

Oh, so pretty! I found myself saying that over and over again to some of my fellow dog costume enthusiasts. If you could see the owner's face, you'd see beaming in effect.

This dog obviously thought she was god's gift to Dog Halloween She was looking over at Lena, who was having a momentary barking problem. I wasn't impressed with the witch's attitude.

This owner was pleased with his joke: "It's a wolf in sheep's clothing!" Nice one.

It was almost impossible to get a picture of Lena, who was hyped for the treats. Sadie was more composed; she just wanted to make sure the treat distribution was equitable.

Dog Halloween doesn't have to be fancy.

This costume was in the Good Try category. I think we guessed Microchip, but it was actually Robot.

I would have given this guy a high five if he had a free hand. I think I gave him a thumbs up instead.

About a half hour in, the little dogs were starting to burn out, but the owners were still going strong.

This was another owner who was proud of his joke, even waterproofing his billboard. I found it to be a bit hostile and not really a costume. But that's OK. Dog Halloween is an all-inclusive event.