Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Road Kill

On the way to drop off the kids before work on Sunday, I passed a dead deer near the center divider. I said, bless you. Daisy asked me why I always say that. I told her I had just seen a dead deer and that Grandma taught me to give blessings to the little animal soul, instead of sending it pity (I swear my family seems totally normal in person).

The girls went into full drama mode – loud gasps and exclamations . . . WHERE IS IT?! I WANT TO SEE! WAS THERE A LOT OF BLOOD?! WHAT HAPPENED? POOR DEER!!!! I told them to try blessing it instead. They both did hesitantly. I was feeling pretty good about squeezing in a little spirituality, even if it was inspired by road kill. Realizing I had 30 minutes left in the drive, I started thinking about the other kid talks on my list.

But Daisy was still thinking about that deer. She asked me how it died. I told her it got hit by a car. She didn’t understand why a car would hit a deer or why a deer would even be in the road. I explained the highway cuts through deer territory. Sometimes, deer make it safely across the road, and sometimes, they don’t. She was quiet – not her normal – for a few minutes.

Daisy suddenly proclaimed, “That deer was killed by a hunter." No, it was killed by a car. “No, Mom. A hunter was chasing it from the forest into the road and it fell down when it got to the center. That’s where the hunter shooted it.” No, it got hit by a car. “How do you know, Mom? Did you see it?” No, but I know. Trust me.

Daisy went back to being pensive. Several minutes later, she announced, "I know that deer was killed by a virus. That had to be it. It got sick and died in the middle of the road. That’s what happened. I know it, Mom. I KNOW IT.” No, it got hit by a car. “No, Mom. That deer was killed by a virus. That’s why it died there. I wish I could have seen it.”

It’s true that kids can be so cute and smart and all that. But they can also be so wrong . . . and weird.

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