Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dress Rehearsal

Lena, my parents' puppy, is our houseguest while they are in Germany visiting my brother and Mathilda. My parents were so worried about leaving their little angel with us. She came with contingency plans and a full set of luggage. I reminded my mom that her grandchildren are still alive . . . the puppy will survive. Despite rumors of my dad not liking puppies, he might have gotten a little verklempt when I picked up Lena last week.

I'm not going to lie. Lena is a handful. She is passionate about keeping our cats off the property. She loves underwear worn by females, things that make her vomit, and chewing on choice items that don't belong to her. She is curious in an animated fairy tale kind of way. She frolics and has no sense about cars. She had to be restrained from chasing a butterfly into the street. We had a scare on her second day with us - she escaped through the garage and was found across the street. In what had to be divine intervention, a passing dogwalker - and saver of off-leash dogs everywhere - pulled over and grabbed her. That close call inspired new security measures, including puppy roll calls in two-minute intervals.

Even with the extra work, Lena is a huge hit. The kids are obsessed. The very idea of Lena can keep them occupied for an hour-long road trip. Lena's presence in the house dominates their thoughts, hopes and dreams. They talk incessantly about puppy wuppy with kids at school, anyone standing by a register, and neighbors over the fence. I'm not trying to be cute - that's really what they call her. I wouldn't say Lena fully returns the love, but she's getting more tolerant. Lena does adore our dog, Sadie, and Sadie doesn't seem to be hating the attention.

This morning, we skyped with the family in Germany. My parents learned about Lena swimming with the kids. My dad joked that they forgot to pack her bathing suit. Oh my goodness. . . I was stunned I hadn't thought of it first. WHAT WAS I THINKING?! Daisy and I looked at some possibilities this evening. We are working out the details and designing the sets. Do not worry . . . Lena is ours until the 13th. This is just a preview of things to come. We will try to do our next shoot earlier, when Sadie isn't exhausted from a long day of puppysitting.

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