Saturday, August 14, 2010

Whatever EDD

I officially cut all ties to EDD yesterday. I feel a little unsure and exposed . . . like a newborn without a steady paycheck. I didn't even know the break up had to be DECLARED. I already told them how it was going to be the last time I had them on the phone . . . I will not collect on an unfair claim that would do more harm than good on the job front. Maybe it was the loud sobbing that interfered with their comprehension.

EDD insisted on getting in touch again. I got a message with a direct number for a return call. I called it and left a message. Then I got another call. I called back and left another message. Then I got two calls. I called back once again, this time NOT leaving a a message. I got 12 calls.

For a brief moment, I wondered if by some miracle my benefits would be resuming. But no. Eventually, I was able to pick up when the dedicated EDD representative called. She wanted to know if I would be dropping my unemployment claim of $61 per week and needed to record me saying so. Kind of rubbing it in, are we?

I do have 14 hours of work scheduled this week. I'm neither set nor satisfied. Yet I'm strangely optimistic.



  1. That's crazy they made you do that.

  2. A positive attitude can make all the difference. Best of luck.

    BTW, thank you so much for your kind words regarding my post on smoking. Knowing that it made you think about the subject during the week is the highest compliment I could receive.