Friday, August 6, 2010

Ride Home from the Beach

I found myself alone with four kids at the beach the other day. After crushing their dreams when I forbid going in the water, I bribed them with cheetohs. (The kids have been pleased with the occasional junk food snack during my budget crisis. Whole Foods, I miss you.) We were at a beach known for its deadly undertow, so I kept them busy in the sand. I never realized what a workout Duck-Duck-Goose was. Then there was Anarchy Charades. You know how to start a healthy debate among little girls? Try to play a game with no rules. Thankfully, someone spilled their cheetohs in the sand, and we were invaded by sea gulls. The kids spent the rest of their time chasing the birds away while I relaxed in the warm sun. I'll remember that trick next time. Daisy had to sit in the front seat on the way home, a rare treat. I let her take pictures while the girls in the back discussed why she definitely wasn't the luckiest.

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