Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I've been reading in bed in my parents' guestroom for two hours. The room is on the fourth floor of their narrow townhome. I have the window open and can see the park below from my position in bed. When it first got dark, I watched a group of people on the grass spin lighted hula hoops. There's a train station behind the rows of townhomes, and I just realized the trains with clanging bells don't shake the top floor like the others. A cool breeze is coming through the window from the direction of the distant green mountains that I have to drive over to get home. My cluttered, dusty home feels like a million miles away. It doesn't matter that I worked a bit today . . . this is vacation. I don't have to serve anyone, clean up after anyone, cook, do laundry, take the trash out. Nothing. Well, I'm helping my mom with a couple things but still - no stress.

Earlier, my mom came in to try on clothes stuffed in her closet up here so I could help her decide what to donate. I gave my advice from a prone position in bed. My mom thinks I have what she calls "good fashion sense." I love her for that. My dad came up to see what we were doing. Maybe he heard the hysterical laughter and thought something fun was happening, but my mom had already left with a pile of clothes. He found me staring intently at The Week. Or maybe it was Family Fun. He didn't stay long. My younger brother, who also lives here, gave me The Most Boring award for the evening. I don't think he knows how rare it is that I do nothing much. He came in the room to strike up conversation more than once, until I cried for mercy.

I've called my girls in Tahoe a few times since they left. Violet sounds tired and talks about swimming in the "yake." She asks me every time if I want to talk to our dog. No thanks. I was hoping to talk to Daisy, but Daisy mostly refuses to get on the phone. She's mad at me for not going with them, although I explained several times that I was staying here for job training. In other words, the gateway to Chuck E. Cheese and the mall. She still pleaded with me to get in the car when they left on Saturday. She is punishing me with no communication. All I got so far was an instantaneous "Hello. Goodbye." I know she's having fun with her family and bff up there. Still, she really needs to talk to her own mama.

Since I've been here, I've talked my parents' ears off with stories about the kids. My favorite story is about when the kids wanted to open a paint-a-birdhouse kit recently. I relented then discovered that first I had to assemble the wooden birdhouse. Like most toys these days, it didn't go together very easily. As I was struggling to attach the pieces, Violet grabbed the paint and started to open it. Daisy told her, "Wait! Mom has to screw it all up first!" Get it? Hilarious. And true. Don't be harsh if I tell that story again this week.

picture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gorefiendus/2762220388/sizes/l/in/photostream/


  1. Being able to just think or read in silence is something I never appreciated till I had Holden. So soak it up! Accept your "Most Boring" award with pride. lol

  2. I feel like I'm always exposing how truly boring I really am in blogland, but reading and silence are very nice. And rare. The kids are back and they talked simultaneously for the first hour they got back. I felt like I got hit by a truck of noise. I'm still thinking about that guestroom.

  3. I just got back from a weekend away and I totally know how you feel. (Even the dog wouldn't leave me alone for a few hours.)

    I feel pretty boring too and that's why I don't have an active twitter account. Enough of my life is on the internet anyways. lol

  4. I will be telling the 'wait mom has to screw it all up first story' ALOT!