Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tour of Chaos

I finally replaced my camera. I found a refurbished Canon Powershot that is identical to my broken one for less than it would have cost to repair the shutter. But enough about the camera. I've got to get back to my domestic duties. Our summer has been so busy. I've recently had a long list of tasks related to potential/current jobs,which has priority over housework. I haven't even unpacked from last weekend and have another trip this weekend. I'm tired. My kids are really messy. I'm sure I can come up with more excuses, but I need to deal with this now.

The kitchen is pretty standard. What I must overcome is the laundry table. I haven't won the laundry game since Easter. Winning means all the hampers are empty and all the clothes are put away. I do so much laundry and I'm always putting laundry away, but it never, never stops. When I was a teenager, my mom told me she thought she had a laundry fetish. I really thought she needed to relax about it. Now, I understand . . . you cannot let it win.

There are tools and construction materials scattered everywhere, and some of the rooms are still tore up from nine months of remodeling. It brings a certain rawness to the decor, and sometimes, I don't even feel bad about leaving the laundry on the table.

You know you're jealous of my office. This is one of the rooms we had to tear up to cut through the walls. Since then, the kids have ransacked my office and craft supplies.

The whole family sharing one full bathroom is really working out.

I don't want you thinking I never clean. I cleaned for at least two hours yesterday. The kids' rooms aren't bad.

You can see Daisy's hippie-fairy fort in the last picture. You can also see something she made out of construction scraps and nailed to her wall. I keep reminding my husband to put away his tools. I don't think he really heard me until he saw her handiwork yesterday. Here's a peak inside the fort. Daisy plays and reads in there almost every day. After seeing the rest of the house, you can see why.

Oh and I wanted to show you the gopher grave in our front yard. The kids sometimes leave bouquets there, and Daisy left a picture of our gopher buddy in better days. She was careful to weatherproof her picture with supplies pillaged from my office.

You have to understand that I'm a neat person, and in the past, I wouldn't even sit down to work unless my environment was clean and organized. Some day, my kids will be older. Some day, there will be no more remodeling. Some day, I might make enough money to hire a housecleaner . . . I like to fantasize about how often I'd get the service . . . once a month would make a huge difference, but every two weeks would probably be perfect. I can't even DREAM of weekly. What would I do with all that extra time? I could read books again and throw dinner parties.

But back to reality. There is progress on the homefront. Look at how the master bathroom is coming along. When it's done, it will be the nicest room in the house. I might be having my dinner parties in there. At least the appetizers.

Now that I look at these pictures, I can see that I didn't use the right setting. Either that or my refurbished camera sucks. I need to experiment more. It's going on the third tier to-do list.

And if I made you feel better about the state of your living quarters, this post was all worth it.


  1. haha you are far braver then I! The good thing about having a small kitchen is it can only get so dirty (my available counter space is half the size of where your coffee maker is). Plus most of our junk is in the basement lol.

    Your shower is fantastic though!

  2. We've got a garage full of junk too. I used to not have people over when my house was a little messy . . . but ever since the contractors and inspectors have invaded my home. They come over without calling - they pop into the backyard without knocking, etc. I've gotten used to sort of a public viewing of my life as it's become unraveled. Everyone claims their houses are just as messy. Liars!

    Thanks! I hope to have after pictures of the bathroom and the rest of the house when it's all done.