Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Pictures

I'm enjoying seeing what the kids do with their unstructured summer time. Daisy's been absorbed with legos, art projects, and building a playmobile castle that is under attack. Violet's been cycling through hot tubbing, new looks, and gymnastics. They keep me entertained, but there can be too much of even the sweetest things. I cried mercy to my husband a few minutes ago and am hiding out for a little break right now.

I received this letter in the mailbox yesterday. These are tough times when even your kids might try to scam you. I asked Daisy what "spech" was. Her response was "I don't know what you call your work!" But you think it might be spech?

Violet's been tagging her room. Lucky for her she wrote mom, or I might be a little ticked off about now. I think it's pretty good for just turned four. Not that I'm bragging . . . or posting a picture of it on the blog.

Violet's materials here were blue finger paint, red nail polish, and pink lip gloss. What mother in her right mind would let a little kid have those things in her room? Not me! I found her stash and we had a little talk. Oh and there were scissors. She's been cutting off her curls because she wants straight hair like her big sister. She's a couple snips away from a mullet.

Daisy's recent inspiration was to vampire up her piggy bank.

The kids asked me to make them a fruit salad for a snack today. I told them they could have some sliced oranges. Fruit salad? What do you think this is . . . McDonald's?

They told me to just bring them the oranges and they would take care of the rest. They prettied the plate up with grapes from the fridge then plums and mint from the yard. Was Martha's mom really lame in the kitchen? I gave them high marks for presentation.

Do you see the emerging mullet?


  1. Love it! And that piggy bank is ridiculously awesome.

  2. Thank you, Ms Alana! I wanted to tell you I've thought about your post about Holden starting preschool, and it's going to be so much better than you even imagine. But at some point . . . tell me about when you worked at the Parks and Rec preschool if you want.