Friday, June 11, 2010

School's Out

School is out! I’m more excited than the kids. No packing lunches! No homework! No mad dashes against the clock to the classroom!

Though there won’t be too much lazing about for the next month or so. This Monday, I start teaching morning summer school. The kids will be at daycare or with my parents when I’m teaching. The afternoons will be used for aikido and art classes, girl scouts, and our backlog of IOU playdates. I couldn’t even squeeze gymnastics in, much to Violet’s disappointment.

Then in mid July, I might be without work for up to six weeks. The online college should come through by then, but that’s the kind of homework I can deal with. I’d like to give my daughters a slacker kid summer . . . watching cartoons and eating cheerios in their pajamas until noon . . . complaining of boredom while surrounded by stacks of toys and limitless possibilities . . . sitting on the sidewalk in the hot sun thinking about what to melt next on the pavement. Do you remember when a summer day could last as long as a week in adult time?

I do want to share some exciting news. Daisy will be going on to second grade next year! I received her final first grade report card yesterday. She brought all of her Belows to Satisfactories and many of her Satisfactories to Excellents. I am so proud of her. She’s out to Shrek 4 in 3D and banana splits with her dad this evening as a reward for all her hard work. She was given several options, and she chose Date with Dad.

Someone told me that many struggling first graders will have a sudden academic turnaround when everything clicks, and that’s what happened with her. She kept denying she could read, although she could in a slow and labored sense. But one morning about a month ago, she announced that she COULD READ. She had one of those Frog and Toad books in hand, and she demonstrated her amazing new ability right there on the spot. She carried that same book with her the rest of the day . . . she walked out of the classroom reading it when I picked her up from school . . . she read to her sister on the way to her grandparents . . . she read to her grandparents . . . and she went to bed with the book on her nightstand.

Daisy’s first grade teacher came back from maternity leave for the last week of school. She got to see Daisy and her new reading self. And more exciting news . . . there’s a possibility that our first grade teacher will become a second grade teacher next year. In that case, the school would offer her entire first grade class the opportunity to continue on with her a second year. She’s the kind of teacher parents will pull strings to get. I totally get it too because she not only was an excellent teacher for Daisy, she was a good coach for me. It would be the best thing to happen ever.

Happy Summer!

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