Sunday, June 6, 2010

Puppy Love

There’s been some puppy drama in my family recently. It began with Donna, my daycare provider, bringing a puppy she was trying to sell to Violet’s birthday party. She targeted my mom – aka Grandma - because she had somehow heard that Grandma REALLY wanted a puppy. The puppy also happened to be hypoallergenic, which was one of Grandma’s requirements.

But then there was Grandpa. Grandpa was fine with getting a puppy, but not until the retirement years. They still both work full time – Grandma works 12-hour shifts at a hospital and Grandpa works round the clock in his home office. In their off-time, they regularly take care of my kids, including our dog Sadie. Grandpa wasn’t looking for any additional responsibilities. Not even if the responsibility was a precious little puppy.

Donna’s puppy was now 13 weeks old with no potential buyers in sight. As Donna was picking up the kids one morning, she made her final offer: the puppy was free. Later that afternoon at the grandparents, the kids and I pitched the amazing and incredible puppy offer.

Grandpa said no on his way upstairs to his home office. He reminded us that Grandma could have a puppy when she retires. In a moment of genius, Daisy replied, “Grandma could be dead when she retires.” That actually brought Grandpa to a stop on the stairs. But still, the answer was no. I think at that moment, we all thought we were getting the puppy. Grandpa was just being a little more stubborn than the rest of us.

On the way home that night, Violet explained why Grandpa didn’t want the puppy, “Dampa not like puppies OR tawawas [chihuahuas]. That’s not nice cause they cute.” I passed on this pearl of wisdom to Grandma.

A couple days later, I got an email from Grandpa.
Please forward this message to Violet:

Hi Violet,

Grandma told me that you thought that I didn't like puppies or Chihuahuas. I wanted to let you know that I love puppies and Chihuahuas are great too! I want to see if Grandma can wait to get a puppy or dog until she retires so that she will have more time to spend with it. It seems like I'm too busy with my work and sometimes I can't even spend very much time with you and Daisy.

Maybe you and Daisy can help Grandma find a dog when she is getting ready to retire. Please tell Daisy too.

See you soon.

I’m not sure I buy Grandpa’s enthusiasm for chihuahuas, but I did my best to communicate his message to the girls. Here is my reply.
That's a nice email dad. I asked Violet what she wanted me to tell you and she said "let her have a puppy." it's like talking to a brick wall. daisy says "just give her a puppy please."

Grandpa sounded defeated.
Oh well, I tried ... I guess when you are in quicksand you shouldn't stomp around : )

I was feeling optimistic.
does that mean you're getting the puppy?

But Grandpa STILL said no. Then Grandma got upset.

Last Saturday, on our way to see Bindy and friends, the girls and I had a very exciting mission: we delivered the puppy formerly known as Gretchen to the grandparents. Her name is now Lena. The name was Daisy’s idea and it clicked with my family because of Lena Horne’s recent passing. Everyone was so excited, including my younger brother, who is also Lena’s new housemate. Violet decided she MUST also name the puppy. Let me introduce you to . . . . Lena Snowflake (aka Lena Snowflayt).

I am happy to report that Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle have all bonded with Lena Snowflake. It has been noted that they didn't think they wanted a little dog – they prefer labs. However, she apparently ACTS LIKE A BIG DOG. BUT SHE’S LITTLE AND REALLY GOOD AND SHE LOVES ANTS AND SNAILS AND WORMS . . . the dog is clearly with the right people.

I’ll tell you why I’m excited about that little muppet: Halloween 2010. It’s going to be awesome.

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