Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pigtail Girl

The kids actually entertained me with one of their fights. Usually, their bickering is a marathon of torture and annoyance. I discovered yesterday that if they could just be a little more clever about it, then maybe I could enjoy the sister rivalry.

It all started because we stopped by Daisy’s school to pick up the yearbook she had forgotten to bring home last week. Daisy opened it on our walk back to the car and stared adoringly at her first grade class photos. On the way to our next destination, Violet somehow got her hands on the yearbook, and it surprised me how snarky she was for a four year old. I didn’t look through a yearbook with that much attitude until junior high. Violet had some good belly laughs about the funny looking kids. She pointed out one girl with giant pigtails.

Daisy lectured her, “You shouldn’t make fun of that girl. There’s nothing wrong with her. She’s just in kindergarten. Violet! Listen to me! She’s just in kindergarten! There’s nothing wrong with her!!!”

Violet continued to screech with laughter. Daisy explained, “You shouldn’t laugh at her because next year, she’ll be in first grade . . . and she might look different. You might not recognize her and then when she finds out you were laughing at her picture . . . she’s going to be sad.” Violet really didn’t seem to care. I have no idea how pigtail girl would learn of Violet’s rudeness, but I gave Daisy props for thinking about pigtail girl’s feelings.

Daisy demanded that Violet give her yearbook back but she refused. I eventually stuck my hand in the backseat behind me as I was driving to grab it out of Violet’s hands and toss it over to Daisy. After flipping through it for a couple minutes, Daisy announced, “Look at this girl. What is wrong with her? That is not a good looking person.” I glanced back to see a photo of a girl that looked very much like her sister . . . same hair and similar facial features.

The similarities were not lost on Violet. She shrieked when she saw the picture then retorted, “You know what Sis? Dat’s my best fwend! So dere!”

Daisy repeated gleefully, “That is not a very good looking person.” Nicely done.

picture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/drexler/2506003006/


  1. That's sweet Daisy was thinking of the other girl's feelings. I wonder why she was sticking up for this particular girl in general.

    Ryan and I are both very happy with our decision not to have anymore children (I know we're young so people never think we can be so sure but I really don't think my mental sanity could handle it), but sometimes I imagine it would be nice if Holden had a sibling that was close to his age. I mean, our dog is Holden's main friend and it's kind of sad when you think about it. Then again, he torments the dog so maybe it's safer all around this way. haha

  2. I think Daisy was playing the typical oldest child role, which is to stick up for the status quo.

    I always thought if I had one child, two was mandatory. But damn! These are not easy years. There are glimpses of a more copacetic time but not as often as I'd like.

    Is your dog the one that was in the random pic with Holden recently? Nice dog! Tell me more . . .

  3. haha yes that's our dog. He's name is Topher, but he's deaf so we don't really call him anything to be honest (his name is more of a frantic arm wave to try and get his attention). He can be kind of a pain since he literally follows us room from room anytime we move, but he's really good with Holden and he's grown on me. We got him from the pound when Holden was a little over a year.

    See, two kids makes sense to me. I can see how socially awkward Holden is with other kids sometimes and I think having siblings helps with that. Then again, he doesn't start pre-school till the fall and I'm thinking that will make a difference.