Monday, June 21, 2010

Father’s Day Menu Recap

I have no idea how cooking moms do it. Yesterday, I felt like I was standing in the kitchen alone all day cooking up the Father’s Day menu the kids planned with me (they’re strong on ideas but weak on follow through). And the sad part is I only really made one recipe from scratch. The rest was mostly Trader Joe’s. With that little bit of cooking then all that heating and serving and kitchen clean up . . . my day was done. Is it me, or do moms who cook also have clean homes? I don’t get it.

Strangely, the cable went out before lunch, just before Brazil played in the World Cup. My husband had to make a sudden dash to the pub to watch the game. Our cable never goes out. It was almost like some Father’s Day conspiracy.

In the process of making soup for a late lunch, I accidentally changed the clock on the stove – because I’m smooth like that in the kitchen. I suddenly looked at the time and thought . . . this soup is taking forever to make. And isn’t it time for dear old Dad to come home from the pub?! Wasn’t he supposed to be back hours ago? When he got back a few minutes later, he pointed out that it was actually 2:30, not 5:00. I think the kitchen vortex might have sucked me in because I lost all sense of time.

While I was busy, the kids instrumented some heavy toy migrations around the house. They also gave each other makeovers, painted nails, went in and out of the hot tub about six times, and changed clothes about twenty times. The mess that was left at the end of the day was a hazard to the general public, so I spent most of the evening cleaning. Gave up when I got to Daisy’s room, where apparently a powerful Build-a-Bear bomb went off after a horrible Playmobile accident.

Anyway, here’s the menu . . . can you guess the common ingredient in every meal? That’s right . . . pork! Dads love pork! Even the vegan/vegetarian dads . . . don’t let them tell you otherwise. Just sneak it in if you have to.

Father’s Day Menu


Scrambled eggs
Mini croissants

I decided to get fancy and beat some lemon juice into the eggs before scrambling them. I was trying to create a slight hollandaise flavor with the butter in the pan. I only used one meyer lemon, which wasn’t noticeable with eight eggs. Maybe that’s a good thing. When I told my husband about the lemon, he wanted to know where I had heard of that. I told him I hadn’t. I was just experimenting. I could tell he was really looking forward to what I was going to experiment with next. I do want to mention the croissants . . . you can find them in the freezer section of Trader’s. You leave them out overnight to rise and cook them in the morning. They seem impossible to ruin and taste like fresh bakery.



I butchered the hell out of the soup recipe. I didn’t measure anything. I added a jar of marinara and about three times the parsley. I used chili powder instead of red pepper flakes, clam juice instead of clam broth. I didn’t take the bacon fat out to add back olive oil. That doesn’t make any sense. I left the bacon and skipped the olive oil. And it turned out very well. The only problem is I made enough for 12 people, instead of the actual four I was cooking for. Well two, because the kids wouldn’t eat it. The baguettes were those slightly undercooked ones from Trader’s that you bake. Once again, fresh bakery goodness.


Pulled pork and coleslaw sandwiches
Beef brisket and avo sandwiches
Curly fries

You can see why I went with a lighter lunch. I did save a few calories on the sandwiches by using those low-carb sandwich thins. I use them often, which is probably why the croissants and baguettes were bakery crack to my family. The meat came fully sauced and was ready after two minutes in the microwave. I love you, Trader Joe’s.

We were going to make cookies but I thought it was overkill. The rest of the family ate ice cream while I started to slip into a food coma on the couch. I fought back by standing up and putting a few toys away. And that’s when I became aware of the full extent of the damage. I guess I shouldn't complain about a few hours of housework, but only because of pork.


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  1. You're funny. I would consider myself a cooking mom (I cook at least 6 times a week and make most things from scratch) but that's more so because I enjoy the process. It's like one of my creative outlets in a weird way.

    Oh, and I wish I had a clean house. Cooking only insures the dishes get done. I can put laundry off for an embarrassing amount of time though. lol