Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dad Day

I’m thinking about my dad today . . . who isn’t, right?

Things have been a bit busy lately. In other words, life is proceeding normally. I planned to write a poignant story illustrating what my dad means to me, which would be posted first thing in the morning on Father’s Day. Then, all of a sudden it's the night before and I haven't started.

I’m tired and cranky after taking my kids “Father’s Day shopping” at the mall. Father's Day does not usually involve kids getting new bathing suits, beach towels, dresses, toys, or make-up. I said no, no, no, no, no! OK, so the kids each got a small make-up set. They wore me down, and we needed to get to two grocery stores after the mall if we were going to achieve our planned Father’s Day menu for their dad. We decided on a gift card for him.

I did get to see my dad Friday morning for breakfast. And here’s how I would like to celebrate him today . . .

~Top 10 Things My Dad Loves in the Biased Viewpoint of His Daughter~

In random order:

1. Sports, especially the San Jose Sharks and LA Dodgers

2. His new puppy Lena (you're welcome, Dad!)

3. Music, mostly jazz

4. His children, grandchildren, and extended family

5. Art (e.g. David Hockney's work, as pictured above)

6. His mom, my 98-year old grandma

7. Bongo drums, or is it congas?

8. Good food, usually described while making a one-handed piano finger gesture

9. My mom (my dad’s number one for 40 years)

10. Safety

I love you, Dad!


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