Friday, May 7, 2010

Polaroid Week

Today is the last day to make submissions to 'Roid Week 2010 at Flickr. Follow the link to see the collection.

These are my favorite polaroids from Flickr's Creative Commons - Attribution License section, meaning they can be used as long as you give credit.


I bought an instant camera for my mom's birthday with babysitting money when I was a kid. My brothers and I went through stacks and stacks of film. Taking instant photos is like gambling with time. Let me try one more shot . . . just one more. . . . and then I'll find something else to do for a few minutes . . . maybe I'll flap the undeveloped picture around . . . shove it under my arm to make it develop faster . . . and THEN see what was captured when the flash blinded everyone in the room . . . before deciding if I should try one more time for a picture that isn't totally crappy. Not really a lot of instant in the process.

Here are some old polaroids - just after I bought the camera for my mom in 1981. My family had been in Saudi Arabia for a couple years. My friends were from the compound or school, and we were all living in Jeddah temporarily. I had a slumber party for my 11th birthday. We took pics, put on make-up, lit balls of paper on fire in the kitchen sink (the wax paper was the best).

That was me on the right with my friend Hirgu, who was from Ethiopia. She had the best make-up. She gave me her bright pink lip gloss and I brought it everywhere until it ran out. My mom kept asking me . . . are you wearing lipstick? NO, MOM! I'M SO SURE!

This was my friend . . . I think her name was Nicole. She was French Canadian. Her family was ultra Catholic. A bunch of us once watched a marathon of horror movies - my personal version of hell - until she sat up and started sobbing that she could see the devil. I was so relieved when the movie was finally turned off. Anyway, there's something about polaroids of young girls wearing make-up that seems inappropriate.

The girl on the right was Christy, one of my best friends in our compound. Her family was from Texas, as were most of our neighbors. Her sister was a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. To say Christy's family was proud of her sister is a gross understatement. On the left was Jeannine from Thailand. I don't think I'm getting her name right. She was really sweet and she loved fluffy cats. That's all I remember about her.

That's Holly on the left, another girl from my compound. Her family was from Louisiana. I heard a lot of Cajun jokes from our Texan neighbors. There was a hubbub when Holly's dad was supposedly going to remove his daughter's braces with his pliers. I don't think he did. I don't remember the girl in the watermelon shirt.

And that concludes my rocking polaroid show. I feel pressure to come up with something meaningful at the end, since Bindy is deluded into thinking that I like to close my posts with something deep but . . . no, nothing today.

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