Saturday, May 1, 2010

Party Warm-up

Violet is turning 4 tomorrow. We are expecting 41 people at our "doggie-Spongebob-princess" party at the park (I gave up trying to have one theme a couple years ago). This is the first kid's party that I'm not worried about. I've got this. We are renting a Spongebob bounce house. There are about 5 tables at the site we reserved, which is near a playground. We'll have a table of bubbles and a table of moonsand. We'll throw a few blankets on the grass and set up a couple hopscotch mats. We're serving chips and dips, a stack of pizzas and salads, followed by a princess cake and a Spongebob nonviolent pinata. Most everything is from Costco. We're handing out water blasters from the Dollar Store as a favor, and if it's warm enough, we'll fill buckets with water. After a few hours at the park, we'll invite family to join us for opening presents and adult beverages at our house. Easy.

My kids were in the hot tub when I left for work this morning. Rough life for those two. While I'm working and running errands, and their dad is cleaning, they're relaxing and talking about the party. I asked Daisy if she wanted to get a birthday present for her sister, but she said she already wrote a play about vampires to be performed at the party. The play has been canceled and rescheduled several times, depending on whether the girls are getting along. We'll see.

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