Thursday, May 27, 2010

More Tooth Fairy

Daisy lost her second upper front tooth yesterday at daycare. She brought it home in another little plastic treasure chest. There was a fair amount of tooth handling going on but she managed not to lose it. When I put her to bed, she showed me what she had prepared for the Tooth Fairy’s arrival.

On Daisy’s bedside table was a silvery pink upholstered couch from her doll house. She rested an iridescent green mermaid with long black hair on the couch. Next to the couch was a round white shell filled with jewel-toned glitter. Her tooth, resting on the glitter, was covered by a small piece of a purple wooden butterfly wing. Daisy explained that the mermaid was there to be friends with the Tooth Fairy. When it was time to get into bed, Daisy plucked her tooth from the shell and ceremoniously placed it under her pillow. I was thinking: remember the tooth fairy, remember the tooth fairy, remember the tooth fairy . . .

I almost forgot but my husband reminded me. I’m usually pretty busy after the kids go to bed, so it’s easy to get caught up in other things. I found a dollar but that didn’t seem to match Daisy’s careful preparations. I grabbed scissors and ran out the front door at midnight in search of flowers. I brought back a stem of fire orange canna flowers and put them in a clear vase on Daisy’s bedside table. I placed a little sprig of blue flowers on top of the mermaid. I threw the glitter at Daisy’s sleeping head and filled the shell up with water and left it by the mermaid. I’m not sure why I did the last thing.

But Daisy did. She told me this morning that the Tooth Fairy used the shell to get a drink of water. Her eyes were shining with delight. I’m really starting to get into this. Might as well enjoy it now because there are only a few more teeth lost at this age. The rest are lost in the preteen years when a dollar and flowers stolen from the neighbor won’t be so exciting.


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