Thursday, May 20, 2010

Direct from EDD!

I was just about to post about my new job. It's official! I'm part of the online TA pool for Blah-blah University. There were no suggestions for improvement in my final week of training, even though I did the bulk of it on two hours of sleep. Think of what will be possible when fully rested . . . I'll be assisting the hell out of those college re-entry students.

Anyway, I have a hiring teleconference tomorrow and the language is all very cautious. I am part of the pool. There is no guarantee of hours. I will get a lump sum for each class instead of an hourly rate, which isn't great. I have to somehow "apply" to be a TA for every class. However, after two years and three months, I WILL be off unemployment FOR GOOD in the near future. I'm pretty sure that once I add this job to the tutoring I already have, I will be meeting my baseline for financial independence. You really have no idea what this means to me. I will be celebrating cautiously tonight . . . I will sip one glass of chardonnay while wearing my bike helmet (I can't tell if that image is funny or weird but I'm leaving it in).

But here's what I'm REALLY EXCITED about and there's no need for caution . . . OK, so after looking at Google Analytics, it's apparent that by far, most of my blog traffic is generated from a handful of posts going back several months about the EDD aka California's unemployment department. Obviously, there are a lot of unemployed people searching for information regarding extensions. Getting info from the EDD is not easy. Most of the time when you call in now, the recorded message is there are already so many calls that they can't even put you on hold.

You can email EDD and wait a few days, and they will get back to you. That's all fine, but that can be a long time when you're experiencing financial panic. And sometimes, when they do get back to you, you might find that the answer isn't totally clear or you have a follow-up question, and then it's back to waiting for another answer. I've gone back and forth several times with EDD in the past.

So that's why I'm thrilled to have found this comment in my inbox this morning. Look! Someone from EDD commented on a post from a few months ago. It's the the clearest and most succinct info regarding California's unemployment extensions I've seen anywhere. I have to wonder if this person who calls herself LINDA in all caps is acting as a representative for the EDD. The god comment at the end makes me think she's going rogue.


The first extension is for 20 weeks, the second for 13 weeks, the third has three parts. The first part of the third extension is a one week extension added to the last week of the second extension. The second part of the third extension is for 13 weeks. The third part of the third extension is for 6 weeks, of which a lot of people will not qualify for. The formentioned are Federal extensions. There is another extension, a State extension, that was created as a buffer during the time it took to get a third extension implemented called the Fed-Ed. The Fed-Ed is a 20 week extension for some, and a 13 week extension for others. One of the criteria for qualifying for any of the above extensions is the time, day, of possible qualification. There are deadlines to these extensions and other criteria as to whether one will qualify for any of the extensions. Every persons situation is different. Please know that everybody is not automatically entitled to all extensions. If you find that you do not qualify for an extension, you have the right to the appeal process. Thank you.

Her job can't be easy. And thank you LINDA! You did a good thing. Keep the info flowing.


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