Thursday, April 15, 2010

Making Money

Yesterday in the car . . . maybe I should call this blog Things That Happen in My Car . . . anyway, yesterday in the car, Daisy asked, “How do you make money?” I cleared my throat, getting ready for an inspiring discussion about careers, planning to bring it all back to that popular parent message: You can achieve anything you want. Oh how I love spreading the knowledge to the children.

I started with the big picture . . . you make money by finding something to do that other people will pay you for. Then I enthusiastically entered into the example part of the seminar. The loud guys make money for fixing our house. Your teacher makes money for helping you learn. Your doctor makes money for helping people – helping children . . .

Daisy interrupted me with a tone of exasperation, “No, Mom! I mean how you make money . . . quarters, dollars, all of it. How do you actually make that stuff?” Oh . . . people don’t make money. Governments do. “Well, I want to be a government when I grow up.”

I told you she was smart.


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