Monday, April 26, 2010

Killing Fun

I sat down to face my simulated TA course on Friday, shuffling through my binder of printed instructions while negotiating the university website. Not sure where to start . . . let’s try here . . . how about there? Why don’t I have essays to grade?

No fake student essays. I double checked, triple checked . . . no, the promised essays had not arrived. I emailed my trainer for advice, hoping I wasn't waving a flag, pushing a button, sounding the alarm. I did rock the fake student questions. I think. About 10 minutes after sending the email to my trainer, I found the essays. Dang! I hate sending those "please disregard" emails.

I felt a little better after looking at the TA discussion forum. There were a lot of confused and desperate people on there with what I must say are some lovely writing skills. But more than one of my colleagues have panicked in a public forum type of way in response to assorted glitches and misunderstandings that have occurred during this training. I mean, it's a legitimate work-from-home job. Plus, it's a job. Of course, people are panicking.

While learning new software and grading systems for the last couple weeks, I have secured the role of Killer of Fun in my family. As I was leaving for work Saturday morning, I told my husband, NO PARTIES! He confirmed, “I know. No parties yesterday. No parties today. No parties tomorrow.” I mean it . . . NO PARTIES. But wouldn’t you know that within minutes of me getting home from work on Saturday, a few people came over and before I knew it, I was sitting in the sun sipping chardonnay. Wait . . . this feels like fun. I pulled my husband aside, PARTY’S OVER! He reassured me, “We’re leaving . . . we’re leaving!”

I declared to my unenthused family Saturday night that Sunday was to be used for getting the house into better shape, but I underestimated how much I had left to do for the training. I spent most of the day online. To celebrate completing the Week 2 assessment, I did housework for two hours. I don't even know what fun is anymore, because I enjoyed it. Maybe because I could finally move around after sitting all day.

I was especially motivated to clean after catching Violet dunking her play teapot into the toilet, and it was obviously not her first dunk of the day. I thought we had already crossed this lesson off the list, but Violet yelled that I was mean BECAUSE I WOULDN’T LET HER PLAY IN THE TOILET. I find that upsetting.

My family managed to sneak away for some fun this weekend, but I can guarantee that no fun occurred in my presence.

The overscheduled days have shot by like lightening in the last two weeks. My fingers are sore from typing and my eyes are about to pop out of my head. What a relief to have a week off before the final week of training. I think I am writing like a robot. I have become a writing robot. I need to go.

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