Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It Was a Cold and Ominous Evening

I was leaving the house for a walk with my kids and dog this early evening when I noticed a car stopped in the middle of the street in front of our house. A college-ageish guy was standing by the car and his head whipped around when he noticed us.

Wait . . . I need to set up the story a little better. The chilly wind and ominous dark clouds made me wonder if the kids should be wearing jackets as we stepped out the front door. I didn’t think anything about the car idling in the street until the guy standing by it reacted to our presence. The street was otherwise deserted at that very moment.

The thing is, I live near a busy intersection in a quiet neighborhood. Our street is a shortcut from one highway to another. People pull up in front of our house often to make phone calls, meet up with someone, let their dogs stretch their legs, whatever. There are always lost tourists searching for the Mystery Spot during the warmer months. With so many people cutting through, weird things happen. But this one was PRETTY WEIRD.

The guy jumped into the car after we made brief eye contact – there was at least one other guy in the car – and the white(?) car screeched off, as two big items fell with a loud thump in the road. I started walking towards whatever the things were but realized my entourage was following me, so I sent them back in the house. Then, I walked over and . . . it was . . . a metal safe about the size of a dorm refrigerator and a snowboard with bindings! What the? I wasn’t sure what to do or if I could even lift the safe – it was slightly in the line of traffic but cars could easily avoid it. I decided to leave it alone.

I walked back to get the kids out of the house and situated on their scooters, and a man with a long, thin gray ponytail stopped his heavy tan pickup in the street, blocking traffic behind him. As he moved the safe and snowboard to the sidewalk, I said thanks and told him someone just threw those in the street.

A look of interest came over the guy’s face and he pulled over. He made a phone call while staring at the items. I was still dealing with the kids and the dog – I wasn’t just standing there staring at him – but I noticed he kept looking back at me as he loaded the stuff up in the back of his truck.

I kept thinking about it on our walk . . . should I have called the police? What if someone was just robbed? Or worse? I’m definitely keeping my eye on the local paper. I couldn’t tell you what the kid looked like, but I could identify the guy who drove off with the stuff in his truck. I shared the story with my husband when he called from over the hill. He told me to lock all the doors. He told me that if he was the criminal, he would be concerned with the lady who saw him drop the evidence. I don’t know why he’s thinking about being the criminal, but I have to admit that kind of freaked me out, so ALL THE DOORS ARE LOCKED. If you don’t hear from me again, scan this post for clues.



  1. I know. I felt like I was in a movie or a practical joke show. I even thought of my friend Amy since she didn't get anyone for April Fool's this year. But it was real. Oh, you just reminded me that I wanted to check the police blotter.