Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Love Beau

The home remodeling project is coming to a close. The entire exterior of our house has been replaced, along with all four decks and several windows. There were parts of the exterior where the wood had disintegrated into soil with worms and all. It has been a very expensive project but we had no choice. One of our contractors believes if we hadn't caught the problem, our house would have literally started falling apart and probably would have been condemned in five to six years. There's evidence that the previous homeowners deliberately covered up the water damage issues before selling, but after talking to lawyers, it seems impossible to prove.

We still have a gutted bathroom that we will be slowly remodeling. We also need to paint the house, inside and out. There's more drywall work. So, the projects will continue BUT we are fully insulated. We can run the heater. We no longer have boarded up windows and doors. It's looking nice on the outside and after we get it painted, I'm sure I'll post pictures. I'm obsessed with paint colors. It's all I see when I'm driving or walking.

But I am also sad because I'm losing a friend with the end of the construction. We have gotten to know our contractors pretty well after having them here full-time for six months. I like them a lot. But the one I'm really attached to is this guy . . . Beau.

I love Beau. At first, my dog Sadie didn't like him lurking about in the yard. He wasn't allowed by his owner to come in the house, but when the contractors weren't looking, I snuck him in and gave both dogs lots of treats. By the time we were caught, it had already been well established that Beau could be in the house. Sadie now wags her tail when she sees him pull up in his owner's truck out front.

I've offered to dogsit for free ANY TIME. Look how cute he is. And you have no idea what a great personality he has.

I was driving Daisy and her friend to school recently and on the way, I was entertaining them with the outfits Beau and Sadie could wear together - remember my dogs-in-costumes affliction - Sadie could wear a grass skirt and Beau could wear a Hawaiian shirt, Sadie could wear a wedding dress and Beau could wear a tuxedo . . . you get the idea. Anyway, Daisy came home from school upset that day.

Apparently, the dogs in costumes conversation continued after I dropped the girls off, and Daisy was enjoying it in the morning. But by lunch, several kids had joined in, and they had Sadie and Beau wearing "butt hats." Daisy was very offended by the indignity and asked me not to talk about our pets with her friends anymore. It's my first Mother-I'm-going-to-make-a-rule-because-you're-embarrassing-me experience. I'm not intimidated. And personally, I would like to see what these supposed butt hats look like before I decide if I'm insulted. It might be REALLY FUNNY.

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