Monday, April 12, 2010

Don't Internet That!

I was STILL working on taxes tonight. The kids were in front of a Disney movie involving opposing girl cliques and Daisy turned to me, “I think there should be more hurting.”

What do you mean?

“I mean the mean girls are being really mean and the others girls aren't even hurting them. They're only dancing fighting them. They need to fight them.” OK, I’ll put the violence-never-solves-anything talk on our list.

I returned my attention to the spreadsheets. Daisy responded by pleading, “Don't share that. Are you interneting right now? Don't internet that!” So, I stopped what I was doing and jotted down everything she had said.

What? Me, blog?!

I was just thinking about this issue after reading Posting Pictures/Videos of Your Children Online on Random Thoughts of a Crazy Liberal. Alana responded to the many critical comments regarding a youtube video of a boy singing Bad Romance. The criticism was mainly of his parents for opening up a private though hilarious family moment to the public.

I obviously share quite a bit about my kids online. I rationalize doing so partly because no one in my children’s social circles reads my blog. I don’t share it with parents of my children’s friends. I don’t share it with most people I know. I don’t put any of our names on it, although there are pictures. But in case someone we know was to randomly come across it, no problem. I have standards as far as what I’ll share. And occasionally, I’ll edit or delete a post upon further consideration.

I imagine that as my kids get older, I will have an evolving awareness of what I should share online. At some point, the kids probably deserve editorial privileges. Can you imagine how a teenager would feel if her mother blogged about how she got in trouble for not making it home by curfew, as well as documenting her flimsy yet charming excuse? Not that my kids will ever miss curfew. They won't be allowed to leave the house at night until they're too old to have a curfew. I'm not stupid.

On the other hand, kids can be lacking in judgment when it comes to the big, bad internet. That’s what I think when I see this video. The kid seems really into it and I would assume he’s fully aware and in support of it being posted. He might regret that one day, or maybe this is the beginning of a beautiful career. I certainly enjoyed it and am about to watch it again here in a minute. As one commenter remarked, kids love Lady Gaga, and my kids are in love with this video. I’m a little concerned because now they want to do their own video. I’ll let you know how that goes.

The choreography at 3:32 is worthy.


  1. I think I might have gotten a little defensive since I post pictures of Holden, but I still stand by what I said. Should parents use discretion? Yes. Is there a possibility a person may regret something he/she posts? Pretty much guaranteed (there are definitely posts I regret but I feel like I can’t delete them for some reason). But to say it’s exploitative is ridiculous IMO.

    But I'm totally biased. lol