Friday, March 19, 2010

You Crazy EDD

When EDD responds to a question by email, the subject line is always "EDD Responds." When I see that confident pronouncement, my heart always beats a little faster. Being involved with the EDD is actually very exciting. There are ups and downs . . . misunderstandings. I can never predict what they're going to do next, yet they've come to my rescue again and again. You're so funny, EDD! You really had me worried there. I should have known everything was going to be OK.

Here's what the email said . . . you can skip the red text and I'll explain what it all means. You don't get EDD the way I do anyway.

You wrote us the following:

I will probably be receiving my last check on my current extension this week. Do I qualify for an additional extension? I can't tell where I stand with the four federal extensions and FED-ED extension. Thank you!

Here is our reply:

Ms. Star Mama: The one week claim for from the EUY extension has been mailed to you. As soon as we get this claim form back, the EUW (third federal extension) for 13 additional weeks will be filed. Please read the following: On Friday, November 6, 2009, President Obama signed new federal legislation making further unemployment extension benefits available. The first eligible week for the new benefits is the week starting Sunday, November 8, 2009. This new extension is not retroactive, it does not apply to any weeks of unemployment prior to the enactment date of November 8. The new extensions add a total of up to 20 more weeks of benefits available to those who have run out of all available benefits. The new extension benefits include up to one week added to the second federal extension, a new third federal extension for up to 13 weeks, and a new fourth federal extension for up to 6 weeks. Please refer to the EDD website for further updates."

Translation: First, thank you for your charming inquiry. We always enjoy hearing from you and we hope you weren't too worried. As far as unemployment extensions go, you have just finished your second federal unemployment extension, or have you? You see, one week has been added to the second extension. Then, we'll be rocking your world with 13 weeks. But that's not all! There's a fourth extension of 6 weeks! We haven't even talked about FED-ED and really, it's best to leave a little mystery. None of it is guaranteed anyway. EDD can't be tied down like that. Until your next meltdown . . . you know where to find me.