Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sleepless Again

So tired. Four nights of sleep deprivation. Daisy not sleeping. Violet not sleeping.

This is my fourth writing attempt today. I decided I wasn’t articulate enough to continue the eBay saga. The post about gossip would only be interesting if I gossiped about the people who are gossiping about me. Too snarky.

What was the other attempt? Oh yeah, it was how I appreciate the contractors noticing how busy I am. Sounds like a winner, doesn’t it? Finally, there are people who get a good look at my frequent comings and goings . . . dealing with the children . . . job searching on the laptop . . . earnest efforts at housework. My part stay-at-home-mom, part playing teacher, part get-a-freaking-job-or-make-something-work-before-you-start-ordering-from-the-senior-menu lifestyle.

I need coffee.

OK. Now, where was I? I’ll tell you about my day. This morning, I got Daisy off to school after her absence yesterday. I supervised a before school playdate for Violet and her friend Wowo (Violet really calls her that, which isn’t close to her actual name, so there’s her alias). I took Violet and Wowo to preschool. It was my turn to work there. I played with little kids. Cleaned up after them. Gave them a lot of advice on how to act. Pushed swings for a half hour.

During lunch with the little guys, Daisy’s school called. She was still having a hard time because of her ear infection and needed to be picked up. I wiggled out of my duties and raced to Daisy’s school so I could get back to preschool on time for carpool.

When I arrived to Daisy’s school, her class was missing. I walked around until I found them. I wanted to grab Daisy’s schoolwork, which required a walk-run back to the classroom. Then I rushed Daisy to the car and headed back to preschool. On the way, I realized I had forgotten to give Wowo’s share bag to the preschool teachers. Wowo missed her last share day because of me. I hit the gas. Must get to preschool so Wowo can talk about her favorite Barbie princess and stuffed animal . . . I made it with a few minutes to spare.

We ran errands after dropping off Wowo. The most pressing errand was replacing my child-trampled sunglasses. I appreciate an oversized strip mall these days. I can take care of five errands without getting the kids in and out of the car five times, an insanely slow process. I would also call it a slow process to insanity. That coffee is kicking in now.

I scored a $160 pair of sunglasses for $19.99 at Ross. Decided to go ahead and grab some Easter dresses for the kids while we were there. Wanted something nice for our trip to visit my grandma in Bakersfield on Easter weekend (jealous much?). The folks in the retirement home appreciate a good Easter dress and we got to do something to liven it up in there. We found dresses for $9.99 a piece.

A middle-aged man in the checkout line was very impressed. He kept saying, “Those are nice dresses. I wish we had Ross when I was raising my daughter.” I asked him about the age of his daughter. “Nineteen. Now you can’t even buy one shoe for 9.99!” Um, Ross did exist when you were raising your daughter and you can buy a pair of shoes for $20. They have them here. Then I said out loud, “Have a nice day!”

From Ross, we went to Petco for a kitty brush and hairball remedy. I argued with the kids about getting a hamster until I screamed my head off. We already have 20 million pets and it's a miracle we keep them all alive . . . and occasionally we don't. I blame the hamster fad on the zhu zhu pets Grandma gave the kids recently.

We went to Office Max for printer paper.

We finished at Cost Plus to fulfill the candy and toy bribes. You know I’m tired when there’s a bribe involved. Two bribes mean I've been tired for days.

I wish this was a brilliant post about the health care reform bill. If you'd prefer health care reform to a detailed account of my errands, I direct you to Alana and Dooce. If you read my blog comments (doesn’t everybody?), you might have noticed that Alana introduced me to Dooce, my new writing crush, the other day.

picture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lancesh/2585773646/


  1. Hi this is hysterical. Thanks. I found your blog while looking for EDD explanations, but I honestly think this helped me more than any actual information (of which there is none anyway)

  2. Thanks! I've wasted a lot of time looking for EDD explanations. All that's worked for me is emailing them directly and asking where I stand.

  3. Here's the link for EDD's email . . .