Friday, March 26, 2010

Never Drama at My House

Daisy has been making an impressive effort to get out of school recently. The stress-induced stomachaches continue. Not too long ago, there was the heart attack scare. I took her to the doctor for an ear infection on Monday. I made her go back to school on Tuesday but she kept showing up at the school office. Sheryl, the office manager, and Marie, the health clerk, kept me well informed of Daisy's shenanigans. I went ahead and picked her up from school early on Tuesday. I kept her home again on Wednesday because she said her ears still hurt. Yesterday, I told her she HAD to go to school. But sure enough, after a couple hours, she was back in the office. I went to school and gave Daisy pain meds before walking her back to class. At that point, Daisy told me it was actually her stomach that was bothering her.

Daisy wants to leave class because her regular teacher, who might just be the best first grade teacher in the world, went on maternity leave. The sub is inexperienced and the class is suddenly more chaotic. I told Daisy she has to find a way to deal. Maybe take a few minutes to color to calm herself down . . . but she has to stay at school or I will cancel our girls’ weekend with Quinn, Tabitha, Bindy and Bindy’s two daughters. To my daughter, Bindy’s older daughter Nicole is the Mayor of Everything That Matters. She’s a walking, living miracle. Last night, Daisy said she needed to take a bath because she didn’t want Nicole to think her bottom was stinky. Good plan. This morning, Daisy told her little sister not to worry because “Nicole loves to play with all the children. She will play with you too. I just can’t stop thinking about her! She's coming today!” Violet didn’t like all the hoopla and yelled, “Me no like Rinole!”

Anyway, about an hour after I walked Daisy back to class yesterday, I got another detailed message from Sheryl, the very thorough voice of Daisy’s school.
Hi, this is Sheryl from school. No need to call back. I just want to give you an update on Daisy. she came into the . . . It’s about to five to 1:00 p.m. and about 15 minutes ago, she came back in and . . . um . . . um, she said she was having a hard time breathing but she looked fine to me and Marie came in and so we just had her rest for about 15 minutes. And she seemed like, you know, she wasn’t having problems breathing. So we told her not to run around out there. We knew you had just given her Tylenol earlier and so . . . but it was interesting because another little girl came in and asked me how my house was cause I’ve been remodeling and stuff. And then when she left, Daisy said that’s why she was so stressed . . . that’s why she needs to lay down . . . because you guys are remodeling or something. And you’re all using one bathroom and the hammering and the this-and-that. So anyway, I don’t know. It might be a combination. She said that’s why she was coughing . . . because of the dust and everything. She might be stressed out about remodeling just like I was. It’s not an easy thing to go through. So I just thought I’d give you that info and ah, I sent her back to class. She seemed fine, ah, so . . . talk to you later. Bye!

I love how Daisy told her we are only using one bathroom. We have three bathrooms and next week the four of us will be down to two. It’s going to be like an episode of Survivor, I’m sure. She’s such a little exaggerator. No idea where she gets it.

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