Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spring Tease

Spring showed up briefly this weekend and was still lingering today. So instead of running back to my car after tutoring, wishing I had my raincoat, I went on a walk. My car was parked next to a eucalyptus grove, a block from the ocean. It was full of monarch butterflies that were too quick for my camera handling abilities.

I was loving the gentle weather. Soft breeze. Slight chill in the air. Warm sun.

I started into my South Beach Interval Walking (I only do Super Charged at night when no one can see), and watched the waves flashing silver in the sun.

This is surfer guy central. The younger ones watch the waves and the older ones watch the women.The old guys are way friendly and will even pull over in their cars to strike up a conversation. I told my mom it was a great place to go for an ego boost. Her response was cranky, "Well, they're probably just staring at your boobs. Little do they know they're only temporary." I'll explain what she meant in a minute but she totally cracks me up sometimes. Don't look now boys, 'cause these babies are just visiting.

My mom was worried because of the extra weight I've been carrying since Violet was born, and I wasn't a stick to begin with. She's pretty good about keeping her comments to herself but more expressive through magazine subscriptions . . . I am now receiving Fitness, Health, Prevention and Self. She's obviously very relieved to see me making some progress in this arena. Anyway, with the extra weight, I had real grown-up fabulous boobs for the first time in my life. My mom, a true humanitarian, apparently didn't want anyone wasting time looking at a mere breast mirage.

Beautiful walk though. The most interesting thing I saw beside the view was a man sitting on the sidewalk video recording something in his backpack. It just about killed me to walk by and not ask . . . WHY? WHAT'S IN THERE? I thought of insects, severed body parts, drugs, kangaroo babies . . . but no, none of those explanations seemed very likely. It will probably be one of those things that I wonder about the next time I walk . . . it's more interesting than breasts anyway.

I was so excited when I saw the possibility of this shot that I didn't focus or center the frame very well. It's almost an amazing picture. I'm in the neighborhood five mornings a week, so I'll try again soon.


  1. These photos are spectacular. So are your breasts.

  2. When I saw that you had commented on this post, I thought . . . oh no. Baby Jesus. Please REMEMBER MY FAMILY READS THIS. But no worries . . . I'm loving your whole maturity thing you got going these days. Nice.