Monday, February 8, 2010

Pursuing Patience

I’ve been meaning to get back to my eBay story, but really, it’s getting harder to find the time for writing anything beyond emails, essay feedback, and cover letters. And yes, I’m continuing the mad job hunt.

Found an interesting job listing tonight on Craigslist between dramatic scenes of The Bachelor (so glad Ally chose her job over Jake. He’s so annoying – especially in a turtleneck – and she’d totally regret ending up with him). The listing was for several “Sleep Technologist” positions at a chain of sleep clinics. Here’s the description: “As a member of our sleep clinic, you will be trained to become an independent sleep technologist administering overnight sleep studies. Trained technologist will run overnight tests independently in one of our locations.” Did you get the part that it’s overnight? I like imagining what I would say in the interview . . . well, I do have a passion for SLEEP but I also get my best energy OVERNIGHT . . .  

I just completed Phase 1 of the South Beach diet. It really wasn’t bad. I had to get used to taking the time to make food for myself and eating breakfast. There was only one day I didn’t exercise in two weeks. I haven’t done that since . . . well, probably ever. I feel healthier and lost 16 pounds so far. I’m about halfway to my goal and tomorrow, I start the gradual process of adding back fruits and healthy carbs . . . and even a little wine. Hurray for chardonnay! But right now, I can’t wait to eat an orange or even one of those much-celebrated organic apples. Strangely, I’ve always gone out of my way to have organic fruits and vegetables in the house for my kids, but I have rarely eaten them myself. I wanted to save them for the kids, but the kids are more interested in them when they see me being a good example. So, duh.

Feeling healthier is translating into me being a little more patient with the kids. I mean, I did yell once or twice today but puh-lease. When they’re not torturing each other, they’re telling on each other. I might have explained a little too emphatically in the car today that I didn’t want to hear it anymore . . . they’re both equally guilty and equally innocent. Daisy corrected me, “I’m not innocent. I’m dangerous. I know karate. Today, Melanie and I chased Anthony at school, and he screamed like a banshee.” Apparently, those two weeks of Little Dragons are really paying off.

The other time I raised my voice was a little less excusable. I made brinner for the kids tonight. Daisy wanted scrambled eggs while Violet wanted “round eggs,” so I did the short order cook thing that you’re absolutely not supposed to do as a parent. They wanted to eat dinner alone in Daisy’s room, which I know for a fact was a totally bad idea as well. I went upstairs to bring Violet her plate, and she needed assistance in the bathroom. So, I handed her dinner plate to her sister, who abandoned it on the floor. I walked out of the bathroom to find our dog licking Violet’s empty plate clean. I might have raised my voice a little at Daisy before returning to the kitchen to make another plate. She should have known better than to leave food on the floor, but then again, I should have just had them eat at the dining table like well-adjusted children. But seriously, if you are a parent who never raises your voice, please contact me with the details (and sorry, if you have one child who's younger than 2, I'm not interested). Really need to get some more reading done in the Mindful Parenting book. I’ll let you know if I learn anything worth mentioning.


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