Thursday, January 28, 2010

Diet Brain

I want to continue the eBay saga but am not operating at full capacity. I'm tired from the family's new schedule and am on the third day of the South Beach diet and exercise program. Lost 7 pounds so far. I'm not feeling very analytical. My mind is fluttering around.

I'd love to write about JD Salinger and how he was one of my favorite authors and how my students couldn't believe that Catcher in the Rye was written 50 years before they read it, but I'll just go with RIP. He wanted to be left alone anyway.

Instead, I just started catching up on blog reading. I was scrolling past an annoying post about one of the Jonas Brothers (otherwise known as the Jo Bros . . . how annoying is that?) on Design Scene and found a link to an archived post about ambient art by Detour Moves.  They sell DVD's that you can play on your TV as a kind of moving art. I found samples on YouTube. It's at least a year old now, so maybe you've seen it. I love Fornasetti. This is exactly what my mind can handle right now. Enjoy.

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