Wednesday, January 6, 2010

School Appropriate

Violet had speech therapy this morning for a second time and she's doing really well. *BRAGGING IN PROCESS* Her therapist pulled me aside and told me that she is a "really remarkable three year old" because usually the first year of therapy at this age is about teaching kids how to behave in a school setting . . . sitting, listening, following directions. But my daughter does all that without any prior school experience, and the therapist is able to jump right into the exercises. Violet's also doing well on her homework - which so far is coloring a gingerbread man and practicing the H sound - but still.

You have to excuse my bragging because I've been wondering if Violet will have issues around appropriate school behavior. We were in the kids' department at Macy's the other day looking at the clearance stuff, and she ran off and hid in one of the fixtures. I looked around then called for her . . . Where are you? Her response was "I'm right here, you idiot." It took me a couple seconds to process what she said because she said "idiot" with a French accent . . . "you eeediot." Needless to say, I got down at eye level with her and let her know that we don't talk that way, and she hasn't said it since. Violet has probably gotten away with saying all kinds of things because of her unclear speech. We might be surprised at what we hear as the therapy progresses.

I'm sure the idiot thing came from SpongeBob. I know it's my fault for letting her watch that, but it's her favorite show and after you get over the initial shock of the SpongeBob world, it's a much less irritating show for adults to watch than say Dora or I Spy. Violet has also decided that Dora is for babies but I tried to argue it isn't. Younger siblings are especially adept at knowing what's for babies because older siblings break it down for them.

The other issue of appropriateness that has cropped up recently is that Violet loves Lady Gaga. LOVES HER. You might wonder how she knows who she is and I did too. What happened was she heard "Poker Face" on the radio and somehow figured out it was Lady Gaga. She started asking repeatedly for "Oker Ace" before I even knew what the song was about. Her dad put it on a mixed CD for the kids and now we're fully aware of what the lyrics are.

I'm not going to make a big deal about it but will try to gently guide her to another song obsession. I have no problem with Lady Gaga. I can appreciate her as a performance artist, but I'm certain she didn't make that song for the preschool set. I'm reassuring myself with the idea that Violet thinks "bluffin with my muffin" is something you do at a bakery. I'm hoping I can get another song in her head by the 26th, when preschool starts, because one of the questions they ask on the first day is "what is your favorite song?" Maybe they won't understand her anyway.

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