Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No More Whining

This morning, I took videos of my home as a storm continued to rage. I quickly downloaded this month's accumulation of pics and videos to my computer with self-righteousness . . . I'm going to post one of these movies showing what I'm dealing with here! I wanted to make sure the drama of my living situation was fully represented. Then, there were technical difficulties, so I turned on the morning news instead.

All that really needs to be said is Haiti. Not to say there isn't suffering of all kinds across the globe and in my neighborhood and yours. I'm tempted to talk about how my toes go numb if I sit still for too long in my house and how last night my three-year-old repeatedly made messes and broke things before shrugging her shoulders and declaring with a big smile, "It happens." (I'm hoping that's what she was saying.) But then there's Haiti. I was feeling good about texting my $10 donation after reading a White House blog . . . but I heard this morning that these donations aren't made for at least 30 days when the phone bill is paid. So, really I've done nothing yet.

Did you hear about the 50+ Haitian orphans that were flown to Pittsburg today? From what I understand, most of these children were already in the process of being adopted by American families before the earthquake hit. The adoption laws in Haiti are apparently strict and cumbersome, but there were something like 380,000 orphans in Haiti before the earthquake struck. That is a lot of kids in one small country. I'll be looking for ways to contribute positively to the situation. Maybe my daughter's GS troop could get off their first-grade hides and help.

The moral of the story is that I need to stop venting and make myself useful. This might be an awkward transition from major destruction and loss of life, but there's something I've been meaning to write about for awhile. And it might be useful to someone somewhere . . . I certainly would have appreciated the info a couple years ago when I first tried to make money on eBay.

Within 24 hours of becoming unemployed in September 2007, I started making plans for an eBay store. There was a need for me to be at home because Violet was constantly sick with asthma. I had worked retail for years before teaching and felt like I knew something about it. I researched how to sell on eBay and how to start a business, filled out the paperwork and got the licenses. How hard could it be? I was coming from a place of experience in my career. I was a Trainer and Manager of teaching across subject areas, writing for various audiences, tracking large amounts of information, organizing spaces, dealing with difficult people . . . I was completely confident in my ability to run an eBay store.

I officially shut the store down in June 2009. I learned a little but that knowledge came with $7000 of debt. I'm working on a series of posts that will explain what happened - good and bad - with the hope that it will help someone else in the same vulnerable spot. At the very least, you might shake your head at my misguided and costly attempts.

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