Monday, January 25, 2010


I will get back to the eBay theme soon but this is a really busy week. I overscheduled the kids for the next month. They've been bouncing off the walls after neverending rainstorms and no real yard access during the construction. So this week . . . Violet starts preschool and gymnastics, along with her speech therapy. Daisy starts Little Dragons in addition to Girl Scouts and school. And right now, we are literally fighting for second grade. First-grade homework is no joke and she hasn't met the reading benchmarks. I wanted to give her growth opportunities outside of school, and she chose Little Dragons. It is a general intro to martial arts and meets twice a week. Daisy is fascinated by ninjas but my husband thought the Little Ninja class might be promoting violence (even though his parents tell me he went through a big ninja phase himself). So, we'll start with Little Dragons.

I'm also going on South Beach tomorrow. I'm sure you've heard of it . . . it's a diet and exercise plan. I'm not a diet person - I have a tendency to rebel against that type of thing. I planned to lose weight before my reunion and before going to New York last year, but in both cases, I gained weight. I lost weight in November then gained it all back in December. The very idea of dieting seems to have the opposite effect on me. So, I don't trust my own judgment anymore. South Beach starts with a couple not fun weeks known as Phase 1. Low carb, low fat, no sugar, no fruit, no alcohol, no processed food. I got the book yesterday and will be cooking and freezing meals tonight. I'm so motivated, it's not even funny, and probably nothing will be funny for the next two weeks. Wish me - and my family - luck.

I also started a book I've been meaning to read, Mindful Parenting, and am finally going to do that meditation practice my counselor has been recommending. I'm organizing my leftover eBay merchandise and thinking about the commercial blog again. I have a new class beginning on Saturday and continue the search for more work. Throw in my morning tutoring and the daycare involved with that . . . and I can now add chauffer to my resume.

A big part of my compulsion to be extra busy has to do with Violet starting preschool. I had that giddy nervousness the first day Daisy went to preschool but I knew It Was Time. With Violet, it's different. There's the speech issue and she will always be the baby of the family. But it's even more than that. Someone explained to me when we spent more time at the doctor's office than the playground, that the bond between a parent and child who's been sick is unusually . . .  strong doesn't do it justice. I have a strong bond with Daisy too but she has always been more independent and open to forming strong bonds with others. Violet is all about her mama. Someone asked me where my shadow was recently, and I realized I was going to be shadowless more often.

I'll let you know how it all goes.


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