Monday, December 14, 2009

Studs in Sweaters

When browsing Christmas trees on Flickr Creative Commons the other day, I was sidetracked by holiday sweaters. (You don't think I was looking at trees for three hours straight? That would be weird.) I was looking for pictures of women in all their festive glory, feeling nostalgic about when my mom and her friend used to get pumped about adding to their Christmas sweater collection every year. I once worried that childbirth would make me susceptible to this affliction and tested myself by pushing Daisy's stoller through the holiday sweater department at Macy's. I even touched one . . . but felt nothing. What a relief!

I could find very few pics of the ladies wearing Christmas sweaters. It appears that guys have not only taken over that cheerful holiday style, they are sharing lots of clearly labeled pictures.


I quickly became bored with the "I'm Core Because I'm Wearing My Mom's Christmas Sweater " look.

I wanted something a little more raw. I like the uncomfortable look in this guy's face, but he's probably out the door to a keg party where he will quickly wash away his uncertainty with a beer bong. Or something like that.

Think about how much harder it would be to commit to a holiday sweater for an entire work day. This guy is making a good effort to look relaxed but the hands in the pockets say, "Why did I let my wife pick out my clothes this morning ... and could everyone just stop staring?"

But some guys can pull it.

Some even feel dead sexy.

Mad props for the more advanced holiday v-neck.

I know this isn't technically a Christmas sweater but the comment on the post captured my imagination . . . the guy asked the girl to give him the feeling he had last Christmas. He must really like to be itchy.

This guy thought his hair looked a little weird. Um, well . . .

I like so many things about this picture. A kitten, a mouse AND a skunk?! A vest and a holiday print turtleneck? The lovely snowy backdrop? The acid-washed jeans? The expression of pure joy? Bravo!

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