Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Place

I'm in my happy place. Just got home from celebrating Christmas with my family, and my kids invited themselves for a sleepover with Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle. Their dad and I jetted out of there (see you, suckers!). Now, I can watch Christmas at the White House in peace.

It seems sad to rush home to sit in front of a TV and laptop when given a free pass for the night. But, today was long.  Daisy lost her first tooth yesterday, and when she found what the Tooth Fairy left her around 3:00 this morning, she was wide awake with follow up questions. Around 4:30 a.m., our daycare provider called the house phone, and left a frantic message about not being able to take the girls today because her son was in the hospital. I knew the teenaged son was off on a snowboarding trip and witnessed his driver talking him out of a helmet . . . there wasn't much sleep after visions of snow mishaps and car accidents.

Turns out, the kid's fine but our house . . . not so much. The contractors - or as Violet calls them, "oud uys" - were busy at work today. Another deck demo'd. More evidence of a cover up by the previous owners. Lots of photo documentation. A quick call to a mold expert with concern that we had the bad kind of mold under our house, which might demand our immediate exit. It was benign after all, but not very relaxing around the homefront.

I got the kids away from the construction mayhem for a good deed. I just received a small bonus, so I took them back to the Salvation Army table we passed at our local mall the other day. There were a ton of leftover wishes for bikes and ipods. We decided on a princess bike for a 3-year-old girl. Fortunately, we found one at Sears.

Unfortunately, Violet was out of sorts. She's taking the whole construction thing at home very personally. She cried. She sulked that she missed her house as she knew it, and she "no ike it anymo." She hasn't been feeling very positive about the holidays either. Apparently, Santa is a "oop-ead." And by the way, she doesn't like reindeer. So, when we looked at pink bikes that were not intended for her own 3-year-old self, I should have known it was going to be ugly.

An overeager Sears associate gave Violet an inappropriate talking to that she will probably remember for the rest of her life. The cautionary tale involved houses being skipped by Santa two years in a row, coal in the stocking and big sisters getting lots more presents . . . all because of little sisters who were whiny while their mothers were shopping at the mall. Violet held on to her big sister in terror as she listened, but quickly reverted back to crybaby status after we got a safe distance away from Sears. I carried her and the bike back to the table, Daisy trailing behind, before realizing the Christmas wish involved a helmet.

We put some time into wandering the mall, but there were no kids' helmets. We left for the nearest sports shop, then returned to the crowded mall parking lot. I decided to share a few inspirational words before getting the kids out of the car. . . we will deliver this helmet and then I will take you to McDonald's.  All you have to do is get this helmet to the table. Remember, Santa is watching.

And that's pretty much it except for the family celebration, which was mostly fun (one of my feel-good holiday sayings is . . .  the only thing the really makes Christmas is the presence of children and the only thing that really ruins Christmas is the presence of children), but I'm REALLY tired so I'm going to bed now. I'm not even going to edit this puppy. What I am going to do is wear my clothes to bed, so when the contractors' faces are visible through my bedroom window . . . I'll be like, what? I've been up for hours. What kind of slacker sleeps til 9? Either that, or I'll go hide in the other room.

picture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/roll_initiative/3139129474/

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