Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dead Trees

Yesterday was close to my ideal Christmas. There was a change of plans when Daisy came down with a fever, so instead of going to a family party, we lounged . . . playing, cooking, reading, watching the Lakers. I took a little ride on my like-new bike - a gift from my husband - and enjoyed the neighborhood at its quietest. The kids spread their new toys in piles across the house and rotated through them, no annoying clean-up time to interrupt their progress.

That clean up is now way overdue, but Violet and I have joined Daisy in spaced-out sickland. The most productive thing I've done today is order a meatball pizza. The Christmas aftermath is always a little sad, but with flu symptoms, it's dismal. I'm searching for the energy to do something about it, and for some reason, it's encouraging to think about the worldwide after-Christmas mess.  What happens to all those orphaned trees?

These trees were dumped next to a pub outside London. I imagine there were that many men who recognized an airtight excuse to stop by the pub.

There's something sentimental about this picture.

I wish I could throw MY Christmas tree out the window.

Do you think the other people ran when the fire started or refused to watch?


Free roaming.


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