Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Tree Love

Today was a good day in my underemployed life. I worked for 45 minutes (phew . . . glad that's over). My new routine is to walk by the ocean when I'm done, but it was too rainy and windy. Instead, I picked up Violet a little early from daycare. She wasn't feeling well so when we got home, I set her up on the couch with blankets and recorded Christmas specials . . . hmm, what am I going to do? There's housework, laundry, writing, job searching . . . no, none of that sounds very good. I know! I'll look up Christmas trees on Flickr Creative Commons! A pot of coffee later, here's the fruit of my labors. (My hands are sweaty and shaking but I'm REALLY excited to show you these lovely Christmas trees!)

Livigno, Itlay - What a good idea. Think of the possibilities here. You could use any type of can, bottle, bottle cap . . . basically anything you would normally throw in the trash or recyling. Plus, the person who posted this picture was invited to a Flickr group called Navidad Coca Cola. Someone should really be paying me for this kind of info.

Plaza Bolivar in Bogota, Columbia - This is something for the hippies, moms, grandmas, children, nature lovers, hipsters, Volkswagon drivers, nice people . . . everyone else can go back to the previous tree.

Bookstore, somewhere in Australia - Books, blue, and being inside on a rainy day . . . does it get any better? No way.

City Hall in San Francisco, California - Those are cranes. Lots of them. Peace.

Ocean Beach, California - Sweet.

Berardo Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Lisboa, Portugal - I actually prefer this upside down but it really is impressive.

Austin, Texas - Divine. Think about the time and materials this baby required. Makes my three hours on Flickr almost seem reasonable.

Tokyo, Japan - I'm hating that cheezy mosaic base but otherwise pleased by the strangeness of this structure.

Stockholm, Sweden - Minimal fun.

Madrid, Spain - This is my favorite. I like the softness and sharpness. I could really stare at this for a long time.

Barcelona, Spain - Solar-powered tree. Spain, how did you come to rock the Christmas tree world?

Englewood, Colorado - Naturally beautiful.

You're welcome.

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