Saturday, November 21, 2009

Watch the Country Get Fired

Saturday is usually prime writing time for me as I teach two-hour classes comprised of well-behaved students who dutifully listen to lecture then focus on their own writing, rarely needing assistance. Today, however, I'm having trouble focusing on writing as I am in TERRIBLE PAIN. I pulled something in my back this morning when Violet crashed headfirst into a newel post. (You like my awesome new stair vocabulary? I looked up stair anatomy because I couldn't figure out what to call the first post in the handrail thing, not to be confused with the interior balusters a.k.a. inner post things.) I reached down to scoop up my daughter after she slammed her chin and one knee so hard that there was an extra long pause before the loud cry.  I didn't feel it at first but when the adrenaline subsided, I realized . . . GOOD GOD, MY BACK HURTS LIKE HELL!

So, while my students flipped through their Oxford Americans to complete an intensive vocabulary exercise, I did random Google searches. A generic search for "unemployment" led me to this awesome time-lapse graphic. You can watch the country get fired . . . check it out.

I'm not sure what to do with this information . . . I could say that I feel better I'm not alone. (The unemployment stats represented in the graphic include people who are in the same situation as me: "involuntarily working parttime.")  Us unemployed people love to be reminded that we're in lots of good company. And if you are employed - or otherwise solvent - you should be feeling pretty bad ass right about now, or thanking your lucky stars . . . depending on what kind of person you are.

It is very concerning to see the projection that unemployment will stay above 10% until 2015, although it's intriguing to think about the possible effects of widespread unemployment over the next several years. Will we become less materialistic? More creative? Less wasteful? Will college enrollment decrease? Will altruism increase? Which type of businesses will thrive and which will become extinct? Hmm . . .


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