Tuesday, November 24, 2009

That's Unusual

Our house is falling apart. We've put very little work into it and it shows. When a balcony began to noticeably disintegrate, my husband took it on but quickly realized he was out of his league. The contractor and his carpenter started the demolition last week, the rotted wood crumbling in their hands, and they pulled out more and more wood. The balcony is gone and so is most of the outside of the house in that area. Now, we're talking about taking out a kitchen wall and a corner of the living room. The contractor said the person who built the house skipped a few protective measures. He was also surprised to find thousands of ants living inside the rotted wood on the second floor. His comment was, "I've never seen that before. That's very unusual."

I had Violet assessed by the speech therapist early Monday morning. She qualified for an IEP and come January, I'll be taking her to therapy two mornings a week. The therapist had Violet identify objects in various pictures. She noticed that Violet's vocabulary is decent but she systematically drops the first consonant sound of words, e.g., eep is sleep and ayround is playground. However, she'll pronounce some of the same consonant sounds at the end of words. The therapist said, "This is very unusual. I don't think I've seen this before."

Today was a teacher conference for Daisy's first report card of first grade. She is doing well in some areas, but the teacher expressed concern that she is markedly behind in key areas such as reading, writing, and number fluency. The things that were always effortless for me from a young age aren't for her, and I have to remind myself that they shouldn't be . . . she's a different person.  She is also strong in areas that weren't so easy for me at her age . . . she's very social and verbal in class. The teacher said what stands out is her ability to express what she's feeling throughout the school day, "She's unusual in that way." She's had an ongoing problem with getting stomachaches and feeling homesick at school.

What's really unusual is these situations aren't stressing me out. I believe that pretty much everything in life happens in cycles. For the last several months, I've been in a bad part of the stress cycle, in a perpetual state of bracing myself for that last straw to drop before the camel's back was toast. But I gathered some strength, got my endurance back up, circumstances shifted and BAM, I can once again deal calmly with adversity, even the unusual kind.  Watch this . . . I have an unusual number of things to do tomorrow . . . It is unusual that a relatively new dryer should suddenly break, just like all my other appliances . . . It was unusual when my dog ran in front of that police car today . . . See? No stress!

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