Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Halloween was active this year. I swear I didn't sit down for a week.

This is Daisy's pumpkin project for class: a pumpkin woman with a jump rope. She designed it and I provided the glue gunning. It's decorated with all repurposed materials. I know, fabulous.

This is Daisy in her school parade . . .

. . . as her sister looks on jealously.

My mom's comment was that I was brave to wear this costume but she also thought there might be something weird about my husband's face. I don't care if I look ridiculous because Daisy was so excited when I met up with the group of neighbors who took her trick-or-treating . . . "My mom is Cleopatra! Have you seen my mom?!" Meaning I'll be wearing that costume for another 10 years . . . when she'll ask me not to dress up or talk to her in public.

This is what happens when kids eat candy for eight straight hours.

No one was sure of what Violet was but she screamed if we tried to put anything on her other than her "puple yayas" dress aka purple princess. Make-up by Daisy.

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  1. You guys are cute and that pumpkin really is amazing!