Thursday, November 26, 2009

Give Thanks

The first few years that Thanksgiving was at our house, I used to (try to) make everyone say what they were thankful for before eating. Then, after a couple rounds of that, I realized . . . hearing what other people are thankful for is really annoying. You put people on the spot and they're not sure what to say, so they say something contrived and meaningless. And there's too much copying.

This year, Thanksgiving is at my parent's house, and I'm hoping they don't force the give thanks issue. But still, I'm feeling inspired ever since Daisy brought home a painting of a turkey attached to this statement . . .

I am thankful for many things. I love dogs. I love you Mom. I love bats. And most of all, I love my family.

That's just the kind of random gratitude that I can appreciate. And if you're as easily annoyed as me, you better stop reading now because I'm about to be grateful.

I am thankful for many things. I love green moss. I love you, daughters. I love bubbly water. And most of all, I love my family and friends.

Don't be shy. You know you want to.

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