Monday, October 5, 2009

Seeking Answers

Recently, I seem to go through my day asking question after unanswered question. I think I'm being clear in what I want to know but the answer, if there is one at all, isn't satisfactory and only results in further questions. I'm sure it has to do with being in a transitional stage and on the outskirts of everywhere I want to be. I'm in the wilderness, not only trying to figure out how to get to the city, but which city is right for me from a distance.

But snapping out of the random hippy analogy . . . the point is, I feel a tremendous amount of relief whenever I get an actual answer or even the promise of one soon. That's why it was good news when EDD finally got back to me via email this weekend about the lack of unemployment checks for two straight months. I have a phone interview this Saturday while I'm in New York so I'm organizing my documentation, getting my charts and graphs all ready for when I finally get a chance to talk to a real person. I don't feel worried about the outcome; I just look forward to knowing what it is.

Still haven't heard back from the only phone interview I've had in forever. I'm assuming the job was filled but surprised there was no response to my follow-up. Responding to emails of that nature is probably the old economy way of doing things. Still waiting for more information about my other local job lead.

I'll be spending the rest of the week teaching, job hunting, continuing to clean up eBay, planning Daisy's sixth birthday party on the 18th, packing and getting the family ready for my longest absence to date (I mean absence from the kids). They'll be fine but I'm a little concerned about my youngest. She's my biggest fan and usually attached to me like the little monkey that she is. The other day she leaned over and tried to take a bite out of my arm. I screamed because it was painful, which hurt her feelings. It's hard to explain but it wasn't aggressive so much as a sign of devotion.

This is the picture Daisy and I decided to go with for her birthday invitation. The theme is hello kitty - girl superheroes. We're having our first "big girls only" party with no siblings, parents optional. I will be thinking of how to incorporate the superhero theme into the games, decorations, favors, and movie. Needless to say, cost is an issue so if anyone has any creative ideas, let me know.


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