Tuesday, October 20, 2009

NYC Pics

I didn't take very many pictures in New York but these are my favorite without loved ones. The scenery made me wonder if geometry-oriented people (geometric people? geometrists?) really love it or hate it there, depending on how their minds work. It made my non-spatially intelligent mind think of Tron. Don't ask.

I think my brother may have given me a strange look when I took this one . . . like do you even know what you are taking a picture of? And I really wasn't sure but dang, that's a nice blue sky.

Can you see that tiny little thing, smaller than a toothpick, out in the distance? That's the Statue of Liberty or as my dad says The Lady. I had no idea she was so tiny. I thought she would kind of hover menacingly over the city.

This is in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn. People live here and there's a nice grocery store on the bottom, or so I was told.

This is in the Meatpacking District, I think. I like how the row of cars looks like you could almost reach down and push it into a straight line (I was up pretty late last night).

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