Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Trial by EDD

As you can tell by the previous post, things were really looking up this morning. And they still are, except for a temporary setback that could also be described as the financial lowpoint of my life.

So here it is: I filed for unemployment in the first week of August as soon as I qualified again. The 10-day processing period passed with no response from EDD. So I tried to call them. Couldn't get through. Based on information I found on the website, the fastest way to get help in these situations is to refile the claim, and I did.

The second 10-day processing period passed with no response from EDD. So I emailed them about my situation. No response. I tried to call them. Couldn't get through. I finally heard back via email that EDD was missing some information regarding my last employer in June. I explained that my last employer was the one I listed from September 2007, just as it was the last time I filled out the forms in June and received a check.

What's complicating the process is that I'm a very, very part-time contractor for three organizations and a private family, and I claim everything I make as instructed by the EDD. In mid June to the beginning of August, I temporarily made enough to go off unemployment. But now, my hours have been cut way back again. And even if EDD wanted to call them my employers, I've already provided detailed info about each of them, over and over again, not only on their forms but in more than one letter.

I heard back from EDD via email again. They just needed the information for my last employer in June. Just the last employer for a specific week. OK, there you go. A few days later, I got a voicemail from someone at the EDD, explaining that someone from her organization has asked me about the wrong dates. I already verified I was not qualified for unemployment on those dates. So I've been setup for a phone interview - a month from now - but I should expect my application for unemployment to be rejected. I am told to refile with the correct dates. I'm not the one who made the mistake with the dates in the first place but I dutifully refiled.

Several days later, I get the form I've been waiting for. The only thing is that it's not backdated to when I first qualified for unemployment. I still need to write a letter challenging the starting date. But it's the good form, the one you fill out and send in, and when everything is working the way it should, a check comes a week later. It's never taken longer. Except this time. So I called their automated system tonight and there's no record of a check being processed for me. In other words, there's no check coming.

I sent another email to EDD this evening. Back to the waiting period. I'll try to call again tomorrow. Wasn't planning to write in this blog again so soon but one, it's free and two, I'm hoping to sleep tonight. Sometimes writing helps. The other thing that helps: knowing that I'll be that much stronger when this matter is resolved. Not only will I be making lemonade when life gives me lemons, I'll be kicking ass while I'm doing it. I mean it. So stay on my good side.