Sunday, September 13, 2009


I've been SO STRESSED OUT. A large portion of the stress comes from being without a substantial paycheck or unemployment check for a month now. Been trying to get the EDD on the phone since June because I knew my situation would confuse them and there were going to be issues. I've been going through their slow online process to get help.

Well, a lovely woman from EDD left me a voicemail on Friday. Apparently, someone from her department asked me for the wrong information and when I provided the wrong information, it really set her off. She lost it for a sec and yelled into the phone, "And if you do that, YOU WILL GET NOTHING!" then recovered enough to say, "I mean you will not receive any checks." I was beyond frustrated when I realized I missed the call, but maybe it's better we didn't talk . . . I'm sure her job is stressful but it's a touchy subject for me too.

After hearing the voice message, I literally had a panic attack. I couldn't breathe. Ever since then, I am just trying to calm down. In order to lower the stress, I'm going to channel Oprah and create a gratitude list.

I am so very grateful that:

*My girls knew to come this weekend without me having to ask.

*Tabitha coordinated getting everyone here without me having to call anyone.

*My younger brother was willing to be the manny.

*Bindy took over household, child and manny management when she arrived.

*Quinn didn't fall on the tortoise in her hula hooping accident, even though I am very sorry that she hurt her ankle.

*The girls brought groceries and party supplies then treated me to dinner at a non-brewery restaurant.

*Tabitha discovered a marathon of The Locator (, which we watched until 2 a.m. last night while my brother cringed nearby. It's a totally cheezy, unnecessarily dramatic reality show about this guy who locates lost loved ones. All four shows made me go into the ugly cry, and that's probably just what I needed.

*Even though Daredevil FLAKED AGAIN, she generously offered me a little editing project and is pretending like she is going to be visiting sometime soon.

*My middle brother is moving our website project along nicely.

*Even though money is a very challenging issue for my husband and I, he is employed and has savings.

*My mom took Daisy shopping for back to school.

*My dad bought me a ticket to New York to visit my brother in October (and I hope to see BT in all his glory as well).

*It's raining pleasantly, I have the kids in bed, and the windows are open.

Really, I'm fortunate. I mean, what do people do when they don't have friends and family who are willing and able to help them? I am truly thankful and look forward to a time when I can give back.


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  1. Wow that lady doesn't sound too nice. I know people have crappy jobs but that's not your fault. lol

    Nice list though. :)