Thursday, September 3, 2009

Full Moon

*Pop!* That is the sound of another hopeful bubble bursting. Just heard from a friend who was laid off. His position was cut. I would say that I'm sorry for him but he'll really be fine. He was planning to leave anyway. You see . . . I wanted that job. That was the position I did some networking for . . . a local, meaningful job that I'm qualified for with good pay and excellent benefits. I was hoping to hear any day now that my friend had officially given notice.

I will just have to channel my energies into the venture with my middle brother. The faint outlines of a plan are beginning to emerge. I know it might seem like another fruitless scheme to those of you who have been there through eBay, mineral make-up, bible belt women in business, bargain barn and foreclosure inspections. But this one might actually work. Just you wait.

I took a walk at twilight to clear my head. Was rewarded with a full vanilla moon hanging low in a dusky lavender sky. Just as I was descending the hill on my favorite deserted street . . . a woman appeared behind a scowling boy in the middle of the road, talking on her cell. She was in shorts and a tank top, covered in fuzzy tattoos over wrinkled skin. As I passed, she declared in a raspy, sinister voice, "I don't know who you are but God have mercy on your soul."(My first thought . . . is that a job? Some kind of pay-per-minute line for masochistic Christians? I could do that!)

A few minutes later, I passed by the back of the senior center and came upon two of the senior ladies who were bopping their heads to Christmas music blasting from inside the building. Apparently, Christmas play rehearsals have begun. They repeatedly laughed and pointed at my dog and I, exclaiming, "You're both walking to the music!" Those two either just got their Oxycontin delivery or get REALLY excited about Christmas. I had a momentary pang of jealousy for their carefree retirement status.

That's normal, right?


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