Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Road Trip

We're about to take a family road trip to Oregon and Washington. Fortunately, we were able to borrow our friend's portable DVD player. I was reluctant to do so at first because in my day, we didn't watch movies on family road trips . . . we were miserably bored and we liked it! But I've spent enough time in the car with whining, poking, yelling kids this summer to want to hook them up with anything that will work, apart from nonstop Disney tunes and me screaming my head off.

It's always a little risky to take the girls on the road. There is guaranteed to be diarrhea, probably some vomiting, and often declarations like "me go peepee" (you mean you went peepee). In the handful of times we've taken family vacays, we've had to rush to the hospital twice, once almost helicoptered out of a rural area to the regional hospital.

Getting packed for 10 days of being on the road, camping, visiting friends, and touring breweries (something for the little ones) is a week-long endeavor involving multiple lists, intense negotiations, hours of errand running and sheer panic the day before we leave. My husband and I are guaranteed to argue about me packing too much and him packing too little (a toothbrush is NOT optional).

Even Daisy isn't looking forward to it. She confronted me the other day, "This road trip is ruining my whole summer. I just want to be with my friends!" I told her, you've got some years before you can start talking like that. People your age are supposed to LIVE for this kind of stuff. It's quality family time.

And that's really the intention. We're going to bond. We're going to be buddies. We're going to be pals. And we're going to annoy the hell out of each other in the process.

Leaving Friday. First stop Humboldt. Think good thoughts.